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  • CaptChrome
    CaptChrome replied to the thread Control cable help?.
    Welcome. You might get Yamaha cables to work from a different style of bike. I originally had buckhorn bars on my '81 XS400H Special...
  • P
    patentgeek replied to the thread RD XS wheel compatibility.
    Looping back on this. I bought an XS400 wheel and test fitted it to my 1976 XT500. It mostly fits. I will need to trim a few...
  • B
    Burdmando posted the thread Control cable help? in The Garage.
    Hello everyone! I recently bought a 400 that a guy had started turning into a bobber and got so far as throwing everything into a box...
  • CaptChrome
    You know, I forgot to mention one thing. People have had some luck opening up the TCI, cleaning them and repairing the solder joints...
  • CaptChrome
    Good move. The only way I know of to test what is up at this point is to swap in a known good TCI. If you know of other DOHC XS400...
  • S
    Yes we have a brand new battery on the bike.
  • CaptChrome
    CaptChrome replied to the thread Rising idle issue.
    They tend to idle higher when warmed up, but it could be the pilot jet is bigger than it needs to be. A couple of questions to narrow it...
  • CaptChrome
    Welcome. Either the TCI is not connected properly or not working or the pickup coil is not sending signal to the TCI. I am assuming you...
  • S
    Hey Y’all, a buddy of mine and I recently picked up an ‘82 Seca 400 knowing that it had no spark. We got a new battery, spark plugs, and...
  • Travis
    Travis replied to the thread New project - Yammy conversion.
    I'd skip the sealer on the new tank. I've seen liners/sealers fail more than good tanks rust. Sell it on Craigslist or Facebook...
  • M
    Hello again, friends - I was hoping to write an update sooner but errors have occurred and lessons have been learned. The errors - The...
  • Dennis Hite
    Dennis Hite posted the thread Rising idle issue in The Garage.
    When I start my bike after it warms up, idles up on its own. Raises about 2000rpm. Throttle snap stays the same. Adjust idle screw...
  • tstidham
    tstidham replied to the thread 77 xs400 starting problems.
    I used a TransPO brand C8313 Heavy Duty Adjustable regulator on mine and it's been working great. Pick up the pigtail for it as well for...
  • CaptChrome
    CaptChrome replied to the thread Change of Starter brushes.
    Welcome. While I don't have the DOHC bike, I have had my SOHC bike starter apart and can offer some opinions of how you might proceed...
  • M
    Hi guys - trying to help a friend with his bike. Frame no.: 12E 104074 Monoshock, No kickstarter. Starter: Mitsuba MS-7 12V The brush...
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    thecurryman replied to the thread 77 xs400 starting problems.
    Alright gentlemen yall deserve an update so here it is. Rode it to work a couple days in a row to see what else would shake out and...
  • OldDirtyHippy
    That is 100% what it is. Tha is so much. I don't think that's the culprit for my starter motor issue but the rebuild kit is on the way...
  • drewpy
    looks like an aftermarket brake switch, normally a rod comes from the bottom
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