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He told me he bought the spoke rims but it used to have the black ones. I asked him why and he said that he just didn't like the black ones. On most XS's I've seen they usually have those black 5 spoke rims. He said he used to have them and I asked him if he still had them but apparently he junked them. I don't know why he would junk them vs. selling them unless they got bent during a wreck but it was all in decent condition and it ran well and shifted perfect. Oil was an good color all that seems to be wrong is the carbs need adjusted and these ugly white grips need pulled off and replaced but after the carbs are fixed I think it will run perfect. then I;m going to head over to Grandpa's and mess with his tools. I think I'm going to keep the stock tank. I saw a pretty cool painted one and I think I like the square tank more then the roundish one.
Oh, ok. I thought he was saying that the wheels were aftermarket....Just seemed like stock spoked wheels, but I see. Well I'm glad it seems to run and shift well, it sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Carbs are pretty easy to clean and adjust once you get inside of them. Plus, you have a ton of helpful people here to get you along your way.

I also love the square tank, I plan to keep mine on the bike for good. So when do you plan on picking up the bike, or did I miss that somewhere?
Sounds good lol. I think I'll just rent a truck from home depot it's only 20 bucks for 70 minutes If I knew the bike better I would just ride it home but I don't trust it entirely.

that reminds me of this video
something I noticed though is that it didn't have an electric start and I know that 78's had electric starts I asked him about it and he said it only ever had a kick start. could I ever install an electric start?
For getting it home if you have a vehicle or access to one with a trailer hitch grab a trailer form U-haul. Probably would cost less than $20 for a small open one that would have tie down points and you would have the luxury of 24 hours to get it loaded, tied down, unloaded, etc. That 70 minutes from Home Depot goes by awful fast.
Thanks coupe. I don't have a trailer hitch or I would ask me neighbor if I could borrow his trailer. (I don't know him very well so I can;t ask to borrow his car but the trailer wouldn't be to odd to ask for...I should just go out and buy a hitch and put it on my car lol that would be a pain and look pretty bad on a tiburon
When you look at the bike, look at the top of the engine, towards the rear, directly below the carbs....There should be a chrome cover with 2 bolts holding it down....THAT'S where your starter used to be. It actually may still be there if you're lucky, some people just disconnect them and remove the bar switches. It won't be hard finding the parts to swap in electric start, or actually doing the job.
Well the guy just backed out on the deal. What an ass. He said he did some more work on it and he decided not to sell it and wants more money out of it. He said he would call me if he changed his mind I just told him to lose my number and don't bother so it's back to square one
Reminds me of a truck I thought I bought out of AZ...had my uncle look at it...offer the guy $2800...he said he agreed...sent the money to my uncle by wire...called the guy next day to finish the deal...he says he wants to take it to the local show that night and see what he can get for it...if it didnt sell he would be back in touch....I told him to go scratch...what a dweeb!!
truck had been for sale for 3 months...and I offered his asking price??????!!!!!!!
I saw that one skillz he's about 2 hours away from me. I'm also worried about getting anything over a 650. I'm tiny I need a tiny bike (Let me clarify NOT A PIT BIKE) lol. I called the guy on that one and asked where he was just to see if I could check it out but it's to far for a slim chance so I reposted my looking for a bike thing. I'm getting so frustrated this is the second guy that has backed out on me and the 6th 400 I've gone to look at I AM GOING TO PUNT A FIELD GOAL WITH A BABY

Okay found another bike hopefully this works out. he said it runs a little rough but rides nice and it seems like a good bike for me to learn some mechanics on. it's 800 seems ok to me judging by bluebook so I'm going to look at it tomorrow.

He now tells me it needs all of this

"This one needs a lot of stuff, head light , battrey, chain tightend, just a whole bunch just. To let you know what your getting into"

What do you think I should offer him no way am I paying 800 for it.

Do you guys know how much all of those parts cost?

Headlight Battery, Tightening of the Chain and I'm guessing carbs will need some work.
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Nevermind I won't pay over 6 for it he said it;s been sitting for over a year and he doesn't know anything about whats wrong with it he just keeps adding I am getting fed up with looking. I have even checked other brands it;s just hard to find a bke in my price range been trying to keep up with this thread and i am starting to get confused about what you want. do you want a bike to build? or a bike to ride?

if you are looking for a bike to just hop onto and run around town with no trouble go borrow 2500 bucks and buy a rebel or something!!! if running dependable bikes were out there for 750.00 we would be scooping up the crappy bikes for peanuts!!! wouldn't that be nice!!!!! parts galore!!

no offence but geesh!!!i hate to say this out loud but maybe these guys won't sell you a project bike because you are a girl. and you really don't know how to work on what you are buying.

judging by your pic i'd say your under 21.... 25 at the most. i am a 40ish old man and i wouldn't want to sell a questionable bike to anyone that didn't seem capable of making it safe!!!

may i suggest taking a older man or at least a boy with you. you may get a better deal that way!