Yet another new rider and looking at buying a xs 400


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Vancouver, BC
Good afternoon! (for at least),

I am just getting into riding and am looking to buy my first bike and get my liscence at the same time.
I found this bike for 1295 $cad it seams to be a Yamaha 400 Maxim:


The posting:

i don't know much about bikes but it looks to be in very good shape and well tuned.

One thing I'm working in BC (Canada) until the end of summer and will be moving back to Montreal in September to continue school. I was considering driving this thing across Canada , would you recommend this or should I just sell it take the loss and buy a bike in Montreal.

1) is this a good deal for beginner bike?
2) Should i ride it across Canada?
1) Yes, this is a good deal. But as with all 30 year old bikes, be prepared to learn how to fix it yourself - maintenance can kill you, but these are great bikes and easy to learn how to maintain.

2) Max speed on mine is 140 km/h, after mods. Before mods it was more like 130, and the engine was really working. Depending on what side of the rockies you're on, it will be quite a trek. So, if you like adventures, then yes, do it. If not, then don't. Summer is a great time to ride across Canada - it's on my bucket list.
awesome thanks for the advice, I think I'll pick her up within the next couple of weeks

I think I'll ride it back, you only live once and i don't think I'll have another opportunity to do a 1 way trip across Canada.The guy selling it is really nice and helpful and i know he would help me out with getting her ready for the trek.
1) In general, yes.
2) If you're awesome, yes.

I don't know if you guys have anything like the MSF up there, but I would definitely recommend trying to get into a rider course if you can. You don't want to take that kind of trip unprepared!
I actually have been looking into riders courses and i do plan on taking one.
thanks for the advice.

I'll definitely be back here once i get the bike and my permit.