Year to year differences for oil drain plug?


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Hi, I'm newly the owner of a 1980 XS400 and brand new to this forum (obviously). I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and your various links to manuals and tech advice has already proven helpful. Now I have a specific question: are there differences in thread pitch or diameter for the oilpan drain plugs from year to year? The plug on my bike is a ruin and needs to be drilled out and replaced, but I don't want to do that until I have a part to replace it. PartsNMore has a drain plug listed but marks it as being for 82-84. I can't fathom why there'd be a difference, but otherwise, why would they mark it? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
no difference that i know of, but id check on that. better than drilling and risking taking out the oil pump or circulating filings into your motor would be welding a nut onto the stripped bolt. a pipe wrench, or vise grips could work as well. Wouldnt advise drilling!
Right, that's sensible. I'll dig through the tech manual I have, see if the threading is listed anywhere. Thanks for the quick reply!
All sohc bikes 76-77 xs360 and 77-82 xs400 will work. The 82-84 dohc bike I don't know.