Year and model in our Sig lines.


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You know, every time I see a new poster asking questions, my first thought is "I wonder what bike they're riding."

See, if it's an SOHC, then I'm pretty much useless. But if it's a later DOHC, then I can probably go out to my own and compare stuff.

But very few of us put the year or model of our bikes into our signature lines.

I'm not saying it should be a rule, but it would certainly help out: if you're looking for help, please let me know what bike you're riding.

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Sorry to sound stupid, but how do you enter a signature line. I went in to edit my profile but didn't see ma signature option anywhere.

Update: Figured it out and added the bike to the sig
I agree; many people forget to include year and other critical info in their posts; sometimes the info is in their profile, but one shouldn't have to search.

I think as a general rule the forum guidelines state that thread titles should be as specific as possible; year and engine type certainly falls within this guideline.

If one has carb problems, for example, it also makes sense to post all of the current jet sizes and settings to save us from having to ask, because we will :)
I agree with listing exactly what you have, especially when asking for help. I use three or four other forums for my other vehicles and always try to start with specific information on what I have. It also avoids confusing information from people who are trying to help but are talking about something different.

Here is an example of what I started with on a Ford Truck forum where I recently posted a question. The truck is a 2002 F-250 XLT 4x2 with 5.4 and automatic. It has just under 100,000km (60,000 mi.) In this case it was a question about some front end issues but since the truck is two wheel drive I did not want, nor could likely use any advice from four wheel drive experts.
I leanred that from my old bmw forum lol
Ever since the e30 I been putting the make model and year of the specific vehicle right under my name in my sigs..