YCIS emblem dimensions

Well, my detailing is coming along nicely and I have two temporary YICS emblems in place (printed on cheap, home-printer sticker-paper). They'll do for now.

Food for thought: if you decide to repaint the Yam logos (and the circle around on the right cover), it's very easy.

Grab some high-temperature satin finish grill paint, a reasonably small brush and some paper towels. Then, mix the paint really well before literally smathering it over each of the relief emblems. Once the relief areas are a splotchy black CIA-redaction, simply take a thick fist of paper towel, rest your hand next to the painted area and run directly over top of the painted sections.

That will pick up most of the paint from the surrounding metal and leave you with the following. It might take a couple times/tries but with the paint being wet, there really no harm done ... plus if you come back to a missed rub-off, paint thinner saves the day.

Note: I realize the cheap stickers aren't great. I've not decided how I want to go about printing them. Anyone have any ideas?


can you not get some outdoor vinyl done via ebay sellers?

send them your sizes and photo and they do the rest. get a few extra done for interested peeps
I've actually been in communication with a young gentlemen here in Chicago who was trying to make it happen.

Unfortunately, he can't print the red onto the black backing. So, we agreed that he should cut and layer the red onto an already black vinyl using a plotter to cut the kanjis.

The lettering is so small that the plotter would simply tear them to shreds as it moved from point to point. We'll see. He's a good guy and keeps trying.

I brought up the idea of perhaps printing the red to CLEAR adhesive, which I could then lay onto thin black plastic to go into the relief areas of the engine cover.

Waiting to hear back ;)
They're done!

What I did:

1) hit a hobby shop and bought a (very) thin sheet of black plastic.
2) designed my emblem in photoshop
3) uploaded and ordered the emblem stickers from here: http://www.makestickers.com/
4) cut/applied stickers to plastic first
5) applied plastics to engine covers with light adhesive

Have a look:




So awesome. I'm so doing this. I hope you don't mind... I promise not to use kanji (never write in a language you don't understand, I always say... Je Suis Un Merde Tete.)
By all means, have at it. I went with Kanjis because the Japanese like to use them just as much as the Chinese (and our bikes are Japanese, so ...)

Originally, I WANTED to get the lettering/phrasing wrong but couldn't. I was trying to get it to say "Intercourse, Medication, Stone, Dumpling" but ended up with "Sex, Drugs, Rock, Rolling" which is too cool for school.