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Hi all.

I don't know if it's the cold weather but my micrometer is giving me funky readings.

For the '82 DOHC, what are the exact dimensions of the plastic YCIS badges that are on the engine covers?

I'm designing a custom replacement (the old ones melted chemically when I stripped the clearcoat).

LOL, thank you ... yICs ;)

The ones that you say are cast into the covers are actually tiny plastic plates that have been glued into position.

I'm trying to get the exact dimensions of those (width/height only) so that I may replicate them (with different text on them for fun) :D
Will do.

In truth, there's probably not much to tell. Having destroyed the old ones, I'm simply going to cut some thin-ply plexiglass to fill the space before printing off a custom sticker to go on top of it.

The sticker will say "Sex Drugs Rock Rolling" using Japanese Kanjis (性薬岩転)

Another sticker that got melted away was the gear shifting pattern (the really tiny gold sticker next to the foot shifter). I've not yet decided what "clever" little statement I'd like to make there.

I've considered (because it's a six speed) "ass - grass - cash - nobody - rides - free".

Just havin' some fun.
I think;

1st gear = BA (bugger all)
2nd gear = DIKWIAD (Do I Know What I Am Doing?)
3rd gear = AAA (Alive, Alert, Aggressive)
4th gear = WTF
5th gear = OMG
6th gear - OAP (Over Anxious Person)

just a suggestion :D
I'm still on the hunt for single-kanji direct translations for each word but then, since it is just a sticker, future edits are no sweat. Here's a test print I cut, rested in the same area. Mind you, I've got some aluminum polishing to do as well as black lettering to layer in.

Looks cool!

It took me a moment to realize that your pic was of the right engine cover, My brake pedal is under the H of "YAMAHA". I wasn't aware the Seca's had such different ergonomics compared to the Maxim...
Dave, the Seca has foot rests that sit about an inch and a half further back than the Maxims (not higher, though.) I've been thinking about trading with Lou's spare Seca as a kind of super cheap rear set.
Yeah, the 'R' part of XS400RJ Seca drops a big 'Racing' hint, hence the many differences that make it a slightly more nimble bike.

I'll elaborate on that statement by saying a) this is my first motorcycle and b) I really have no idea what I'm talking about.
Regarding polishing ...

I gave my first go at polishing the engine covers on my Yamaha (without removing them from the bike). There's definitely a difference. They're shinier. The heavier, pattern tarnished spots don't appear to be getting much better, though.

Maybe I'm doing it wrong or using the wrong product (Mother's Mag/Aluminum Polish). I didn't buy the heavier stuff because it suggested that it was for more generalized metals. Aluminum being softer, I opted to play it safe.

Also, maybe the buffing attachment I chose wasn't the best. Autozone offers that $25 "ball". Anybody like those?

I'm open to and looking for suggestions.
You'd be better served by sanding the covers first, then polishing. You will need to start with 400 or 600 grit sandpaper and get to clean metal. Then move to a higher grit and sand out the scratches left by the coarser sandpaper. You will need to work your way up to 2000 grit wet paper before you polish. 2000 grit will leave a very smooth, almost mirror finish, so not much polishing will be required.

Foam balls are not designed for polishing. They are for cleaning. Cotton and felt wheels and pads are for polishing.
That makes perfect sense.

The winning combination (assuming you don't want to remove the covers from the bike) turned out to be a palm sander with terrycloth in place of sand paper. Adding polish directly to the terrycloth brought out a nice shine.

The tarnish is still there but lessened. Drewpy's observation seems spot on. I'll kick it this summer.