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fresno ,ca
fresh meat from fresno,ca accidentaled this site. got ta readin sum of the posts in this forum on builds a lot of bobs and flats not many 4 wee'lers .i built a wee;ler 4 years ago,it came together like this.was out rid'n my 86 250r a.t.c. when a freind showed up with a new bed toy. spanking new yamaha yzf 450 quad even though i beat him on this short track we had that damed thing was rite there the whole time. that sucker was all stock and it could go ,now i've ridden the quadzilla 500,the banchee i have owned awsome but they are 2 strokes. also beat up the 660/700 raps (they are fast but hell they are huge).oh that 450 cast a spell on me from the second my thumb fired it the thump thump exhaust to wheelie on command. had to have one so i went to the dealers they gave me this ridiculous number ,i told them i wanted one never mind the truck . no truck wow are they sure oh even the demo costs twice what my truck did. well i geuss if u knew me you would know that i can fix damn near anything,being half hill billy an half chilliecothe indian its in my nature to tear crap up. so i was up the street wit a flatbilly i know and he gives me a weeler or part of one really. it was the frame and front suspension minus a shock of a 89 suzuki 230 quadsport. the first engine i put in it was a yamaha 225 2 smoke with a automatic it was yawn full . started looking at my bike shed , my current project at that time was a 80/81 xs400 retro update freak. i had tore up a fzr 600 and used the forks wheels and mono shocked swing arm on the 80 frame.but i had a 81 as well and the wheels started smoking. next thing you know yamauki was born :wtf:
So you have a quad with a xs400 motor in it? That's nice. Any pics? Welcome to the forum:)