Yamaha XS360 Build

Alright, got the frame back and started slapping things together a little just to see what she looks like.I want to black out the Fork lowers when i pull them apart to rebuild. The rear shock springs and collet are going black too if i can figure out how to disasemble them (any hints? compressed the spring but couldnt really figure out how to get them off.....) Anyways i really like how its all coming together. Hopefully i can get some seat foam and get that started soon. Let me know what yall think!
IMG_3286 2.JPG
When you compress the rear suspension spring you should be able to lower the cup that covers the top of the spring to reveal a nut under the top part of the shock that mounts to the bike. You can loosen it then hold it while you unscrew the top. Once its off the cup and spring should just lift off.
Make note of the order the pieces come off for reassembly later.
As far as tires, I've a fondness for Bridgestone Spitfires. Mid-priced and great looks and grip. If you're in Ft Collins, Colorado and ever get down to Denver, I always hit up Western Upholstry. They have foam and a great selection of marine vinyls (UV protected). Great people too.
Thanks for the tip! should be down in denver later this month and ill make sure to check them out. As for tires those dont look half bad, ill make sure to keep them in mind.