yamaha xs 400 SE 1979 wiring diagram


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Hello everyone
I would like an electrical wiring for a yamaha xs 400 SE of 1979 so with condenser and no ignitor unit
Is there someone who can help me? Even though wiring is simplified

I would have bought an entire harness for yamaha xs 400 special heritage but it has outputs for ignitor unit ..... and output from the stator has 3 white threads instead of 4

Can someone help me?
The Haynes manual has the wiring diagram. It's available in the "rerun" manuals thread at the top of the Garage section.
The SE only appears to have the three-wire stator output. You sure you don't have a '79 F or 2F?
I have this as chassis number ......
What type (g, sg, h, sh) should i see? G?
Could a different stator be mounted earlier?


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I contacted the previous owner who told me that he mounted a stator taken from a yamaha xs 400 2a2 ........ now explains everything ....... can i make some modification? Or do you need to remount a stator for xs 400 4g5?
Your last post was just yesterday.

4G5 will be an SE. The SE wiring diagram only shows a 3-wire stator.

Getting another SE wiring harness would be ideal. Looks like the XS400 D or E would be the next closest.
Still points/condenser and only the 3-wire stator.

The fourth wire activates the headlight relay. If you can live without the automatic headlight function or can figure out how to wire it differently you'd have more harness options.
Ok sorry if I insisted but I had to know if I was to get a new stator.
So there is no current overload problem .... I have an overload problem but you can not figure out where to act
I do not know how to get out of it ....
I have changed the rectifier / rectifier, have simplified the electrical system and changed coils with different coils
I started buying a complete electrical system and I want to bring everything to the original state ....
I have this bike for 6 years and it never went well .....
I am very unhappy
You need an xs400 stator, the years are generally ccross-compatible but you need a 4-wire output if you want the stock headlight relay function for your year.
Some people have used stators from completely different bikes as part of permanent magnet alternator conversions, but that's a whole other can of worms.
I have a 4-wire 2a2 stator that will suitably run without 3-wire relay.
I bought a complete wiring harness of a special xs 400 years 1981 that I will have to modify by eliminating the TCI and pickup part and leaving my part with the condenser
Should it be okay?