Yamaha XS 400 1982 12E (12F) service manual

Thank you! The ignitor section of wiring diagram in that service manual is the same as my machine (2 connectors with correct wire colors) but does anybody know where there might be a wiring diagram for the sidestand part of the wiring or am I just missing it (i.e. using a different name description)? This manual does show both the sidestand switch and relay on the cable routing and component location diagrams (7-45 and 7-47) but they both seem to have disappeared from the wiring diagram. I did however find them both on a wiring diagram I found for the XS650SJ/SK which looks pretty close to mine. Is that my answer?
UPDATE! With the wires from the '80 unit mated properly with the wiring on my '82 XS400, the cycle starts and runs. Other than the difference in mounting this 'spare' ignitor and the loss of the sidestand safety feature, will there be any other impacts on keeping it for a functioning spare? I have no idea where the advance curves differ between the two units since the '80 spare one is for a SOHC engine but the unit it's being substituted for is for my '82 with a DOHC engine.