XS400J (Maxim) Alternative Forks

Natt Boarer

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United Kingdom
Hi there, I hope it's ok to post this. I'm very new to the forum.

I am in the UK and just bought an xs400j (Maxim). I was hoping someone has found some alternative forks for this bike because being in the UK, It's really hard to get frame & body parts.

I'm not adverse to changing the head stock over - most of the XJ models have parts available here.
Alternatively if someone can sell me the forks (providing they're in a decent condition) that would also work.

Also, if my only choice is to rebuild the forks and someone knows where I can get the major fork parts, I could also go that route.

Another question is does anyone know how I can find the mikuni model number on the carbs?

Final question, has anyone put a custom rear fender and what did they go for?
I have an '82 Maxim 400 (J Model), here in the States it is a real challenge getting the correct carb parts/rebuild kits. Ebay and many other sites sell carb kits that say they are compatible but aren't. A manual I have says they are BS34's, but I have found that when I do a search for a 1983 Model instead of 1982, I find the correct parts. (My carbs don't have a Model number stamped on them)
I fabricated a seat/tail cowl formed from aluminum. I am going for a café look. I'm not aware of rear fenders for this model bike other than the stock OEM pieces.
Yeah. They had both types in 1982, SOHC and DOHC.
I have a 1982 XS400SJ, SOHC, so I usually search for 1981 parts.
For you it would be safer to look for 1983 parts.