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Hi guys im new here. I just buy xs400 and looking for tires for that bike. What is yours sugestions?? Fx Model size . Now im haveing 3.00- 18 front and 3.5 - 18 back
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Well, there are not many choices because of the vintage rim sizes, and amongst the available tires, there does not seem to be a standout performer other than Avon which is going away. i would get whatever is available locally in the stock sizes if you are trying to fit them under the fenders. If you are building a custom, then you can go taller and maybe a bit wider. A 90/90-18 will fit the same as a 3.00-18 on the front, and a 100/90-18 should do the same in the rear.
I just recently put a new rear tire on. It was a Shinko brand and it rides great. Certainly better than the 35 year old tire that was on the bike when I bought it! I lucked into a good used Avon 90/90-18 off Craigslist too. The difference in grip is amazing.

Shinko 87-4158 Tire 712 Series... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T6J52QS
I lucked into a good used Avon 90/90-18 off Craigslist too. The difference in grip is amazing.

I am still jealous of that score you got on the Avon for the front. I am running a matched set of IRC RS-310 tires front and rear and think they are pretty good. But, I would take that Avon in a heartbeat. I have had more of an issue with finding decent tubes than tires. I had a Kenda tube on the front that completely failed at a welded seam. Here it is with less than 700 miles on it:
Kenda tube fail after 688 miles.JPG

I replaced it with a Michelin tube up front and I have an IRC tube in the rear. I think I am sticking with these two brands from here on out.
Hi guys, it's my first post here after buying XS400SE 80' and I wanted to ask exactly same question about new tires :) Your opinions above are helpful.
Until now I was thinking about either popular Shinko E-270 (so even more classy) or Avon Safety Mileage MkII. The question is: should I be worried about grip in these Avon while riding mostly through city streets? The tread is much higher than Shinko and I really wouldn't like to slip on first curve. (of course I'm exaggerating..)