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Carlsbad Ca
Wheres a good place / website to get Xs400 parts? like chrome stuff and block off parts... say a starter block off... i took my starter out and doing kick only and also took the Tach off and ned to block off the Tach hole ... thanks
there's nothing on the market like that for xs400's you'll have to adapt/make stuff like that.

just take the starter out, there's nothing in the case to worry about.
I am looking at the coils in my build. I would like to see pics of them in the starter position, please?

How does it run kick only? Would love to eliminate the battery on my build. It will have minimal draw, as I am only wiring two lights, head and tailight, thats it!
i took the starter out.....and blocked it off then i put my coils in where the Starter was :)..

Bump... any pics of this yet? I am going kick start only on mine, and will be cutting out the coil mounts so I am looking for a place to hide them!