XS400 Hardtail Kit (Universal kit)

Hey Trav, Been ceeping the page for quite some time! Lots of info on here I needed. I wanna hardtail my 400 but I was wondering what your opinion would be seeing is ive never done it. I wanna switch it to a single back bone, do you think it would be better to buy the 1 1/8" and sleeve the lower rails, or just buy the 1" and butt weld it?
I'd use 1" for the XS400. The lower rails are only 7/8" and I think 1-1/8" looks too big. Single backbone will look good. Just my opinions though.
The 1" hardtail kits now have free shipping to the lower 48 states! I've updated a lot of the information in the first post as well.

Hardtail kits are available with 1", 1-1/8", or 1-1/4" tubing. Check them out at www.chopsource.com/hardtail-kits.html

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