XS400 Hardtail Kit (Universal kit)

I usually get them shipped out within a day or two of receiving payment. I got your email, I'll send you details.
Yo Travis! If I was buying one, is it possible for you to send it as a gift to me
So I don't have to pay like 80% of the price in custom!
P.m. me please!

I'm not buying anything now but I'm gonna try to buy a new xs400 to bobout this

Thank you :)
I've sold quite a few of these kits now, but don't have many pictures of customers' bikes they went on. Can you guys who have purchased and installed the universal hardtail kits send me pictures? I would really appreciate it!
pictures pictures pictures! I'm interested to see if anyone has even used their kits! Come on, dudes!
I assure you plenty of people have bought universal hardtail kits from me. If not I wouldn't still be selling them. Many didn't go on XS400s and most people probably don't follow this thread after their purchase and never saw my request for photos. Anyway, a few people did send photos... I've attached a couple for you.

The first one is Fubar's finished bike. It's featured on the home page right now if you want to check out his full build. The second one is Fubar's frame. The third one is Bobb's frame with 9" of stretch, and the last one is Infamousxs' XS650 frame.


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Travis do you ship to Toronto Canada. If you could give me a estimate on shipping. 1" hardtail kit with style A axle plates.thanks
This might be a dumb question but what kind of cuting is required once these are bought or are they just place and weld type.
All ends of each tube will need to be cut. The lengths of tubing on both sides of the bend are longer than you'll need to allow for a wide range of drops and stretches. They are not pre-fit hardtails... they are universal and fabrication skills are required. They have been used on Hondas, Kawasakis, etc., and are not just for Yamahas or the XS400. These kits are geared toward people with the welding and fabrication skills to build a frame, but don't have access to a tube bender or CNC laser for the axle plates.