XS400 Hardtail Kit (Universal kit)

Your frame is mild steel ERW tube. 1020 is also mild steel so they are perfectly compatible for welding. 120 wall means the wall of the tubing is .120" thick. It is .025" thicker than .095" wall. 120 is as big or bigger than the tubing used in most motorcycle frames. Also the DOM process work hardens the steel and makes it even stronger than ERW tube. DOM is ERW tube that has been drawn over a mandrel to remove the weld seam, make a more uniform inside and outside diameter, and work harden the material. This extra step in manufacturing the tube makes it cost significantly more, but makes a material that is stronger and easier to slug since the weld seam is removed. DOM is not even really a type of tube but a process. Google DOM vs ERW if you want to read more about it.
Travis can I get a price for the 1 1/8 inch kit with type A axle plates shipped os to Australia NSW 2480? if there is any problems please pm me?
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Ryan and I discussed this through email, but I thought I'd share with everyone. The cost of shipping a hardtail kit to Austrailia is $300-$400 :yikes:

For you Australia guys, if you can find a source for the tubes locally, the cost for shipping axle plates is about $24 because they fit in a small flat rate box.
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New to the site, I have a question on the hardtail kit pipe diameter as compaired to the bike tubing itself. Is the 1" tubing bigger than whats there originally?? Will it sleeve over any of the existing tubing??

Hope to start my hardtail project soon (picked up a basket xs400 for $50 and a barn xs400 for $85), and start a thread on my project.

thanks in advance for your replys
Hey welcome to the site. Most people use 1" tubing to hardtail their XS400s. The stock lower rails are about 7/8". The way most people are hardtailing XS400s, you won't have any butt joints and don't even need the sleeves. If your design includes butt joints, since the stock lower rails are about 7/8" and the 1" tubes have a .120" wall, they will not slip fit. You would have to turn down or grind down the sleeve material provided if you wanted to butt 7/8" to 1" tubing. If you use 1-1/8" tubing, it should sleeve over the 7/8" lower rails without much work.
been lookin for information on the kind of steel of my xs fame and have not found anything untillnow. i have a few questions. is the frame also 1020 ms. or is that 1020 just a compatible match for welding. also whatmade u select the 120 wallover perhaps a 95 of thicker wall. not trying to dout you would just like to be educated on the subject. thanks.

95 is not thicker than 120. These are measurements in thousands of an inch. .120 is industry standard for custom frame production. Even in the larger 1.25" DOM, 120 is pretty much a standard. I have some 1.125" DOM with .148 wall thickness ( a miss-order) and this stuff is massive wall thickness!

Also, 120 wall is a happy marriage between rigidity and the ability to flex where needed. Believe me... It's got to "flex"!
Im kinda new to this....converting from years of sport bike riding..... travis is this something you could weld up and then ship out....the kits i mean for hard tailing