XS400.com Software Update

The search has been updated to the enhanced search as discussed in post 14.

That seems to help. Searching for wiring diagrams now shows the thread you want in the 8th result. Searching for wire diagram also finds what you want since the search now takes a word like wire and will also search for wiring, wires, wired, etc.

Remember that the quick search is dynamic meaning that it functions slightly different depending on what section of the site you're on. For example if you're in thread or forum "Search this forum only" is checked by default. To search everything uncheck that box, or click Home before entering your search.
I'm a long time owner and rider on my XS and I keep coming back every 6 months or so to see if this form is better. When i find everything dumped into the Garage forum with no sup forms and not general threads like say "Favorite pic of your XS" etc. I leave disappointed.

Expecting all navigation to happen through the search function makes no sense to me.

With all due respect, I suggest you check out ADV Rider on any of the other highly popular forums. This could be a great resource if it functioned in a the same ways as most others do.
Sure the fancy pants XS400 site gets the cool new software and the forgotten old 650 forum keeps limping along on the ancient platform. :poke:
The software was just updated to the most stable version of the core software and several of the add-ons were updated as well including the media gallery, enhanced search, tapatalk, and style.

If anything looks off, let me know!

Gary, I don't want to make anymore false promises, but hopefully I'll get to it soon! Sorry for the delay!
I've disabled tapatalk. I'm done with their shady antics. Security issues and spam aside, they are now forcing signatures and banner ads to download their app unless I pay monthly. I was okay with tapatalk when they allowed a site owner to control signatures and banners, but now they are soliciting everyone who uses the site on a phone browser to download their app and make the site even more dependent on them. The sooner we cut them off the better. I'm sorry for few of you who like to use tapatalk, but they are running themselves into the ground.

There is a team working on a solution to provide xenforo sites with their own apps. It's something I may consider after it's released and the bugs are worked out. It's also a paid solution, but I trust the developers to not hijack the site, and it should be a better product because it's xenforo specific.
I've been getting more and more frustrated with Tapatalk. They seem to have forgotten that they are nothing more than a conduit to the forums users wish to interact with. I've been sending them scathing emails after each app update that makes a mess of my settings.

Good call on getting rid of them!
Sent Tapatalk another email letting them know that they had better get their act together before they loose what market share and revenue stream they have left. This was after I removed a couple forums from my account. XenForo has found the secret to delivering the same functionality to computers and mobile devices, making Tapatalk redundant. If only other forums would make the investment into better software...
Sorry about the downtime today. The server backup was running and ran out of disk space. Because everything locked up including the email server, I wasn't notified. I'll be changing some thing around so this doesn't happen again.
@Travis I have just been using my iPhone to post, and noticed that all the icons for text formatting, smilies, links, etc are not showing up. Just faint grey squares. The buttons are working, just no icons which makes things a bit difficult...
And it turns out it was a content blocker that was supposed to remove comments from pages that was the culprit. Going to contact the developer and let them know.

Sorry for the distraction!
Yup. I installed it in an attempt to block the comments on pages like Engadget. It is called Focus. I've played with its settings a bit and have it working better. Not sure why it was blocking the editing icons.

If I had to guess, I'd say it was related to the theme, as it doesn't effect another forum running XenForo. Regardless, it isn't working as I'd expect, so I'll contact the developer and let them know.