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now Byron, Ga (from Ohio)
New to this site just thought I would post some pics of the 1980 XS400 bobber that I did about 2 years ago, I am currently working on a XS650 bobber and plan on taking the other stock XS400 I have and building a cafe racer with it enjoy.


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Welcome to the 400 forum! The bike looks great, nice work! Did you fab the hardtail from scratch, or buy it? I want to take the outside rails out of my backbone like yours when I rebuild the bike the winter.....Any tips on that? The 650 looks great also! Glad to have you onboard man.
Thanks, the hardtail a universal kit from tc bros, it was kinda a pain to get everything squared up but worked out in the end. I really don't have any tips on getting rid of the outside bars I just heated up a peice of tubbing and bent it with the torch (I know that isn't the correct way to bend tubbing) for the down tube.
Cool. I have looked at their universal kit. I've even seen a couple that have used the XS650 kit from them as well. Even heard of a few guys using the bolt on kits made for the Triumphs. I think I'm just going to send my frame up to PSW Customs in Ohio to have it reworked this time. It would save me a lot of time for sure. Thanks man.
I used the tc bros hardtail for that xs650 also it went on a lot beeter than the kit did for my xs400. I am not sure of the strech on my xs400 never did measure it I doubt that it is much past stock, if I hardtail another xs400 I will extend it it is a little bit tight.
Yeah I had all kinds of problems trying to find extended cables for the ape hangers, most people that make custom ones wanted about $150.00 for one cable. I ended up buying the stuff to make my own cables from flanders cables, I got 50 foot of cable, conduint, assorted end peice kit and a stick of there bar stock soider for around $150.00 and was able to make my throttle cable, brake cable, and had about 40 foot left for future projects. The clutch cable was long enough, a little bit tight but it works. The gas tank is off of egay I am not sure of the years they used it for but it is some where from like 1957-1978.

there are more pictures of the the bike build on our facebook page, here is the link