XS400 Bobber build/first post

video update!

clutch pushrod seal still leaks after replacing. and my clutch is SUPER stiff. ive tried adjusting at the perch and the set screw by the pushrod. is there a very loose setting i can get to and work from there?
Maybe clutch push rod is bent:shrug: I drove on a permit for seven years before I got my license:laugh:
na i rolled it around on the floor and it rolls straight and even. its leaking from under the seal, not where the rod pokes through. yeah i just got the permit. i kept gettin followed by cops so i said fuck it ill get the permit. haha

could it be the clutch plates stuck? and theyll just free up after riding a bit?
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If you have never had the clutch apart and its been sitting for a long time it could be the plates.
Its not hard just the clutch spring bolts and a clip to remove the clutch boss. For the seal leak I would clean the area and put a little yamabond on the leak that should stop it.
have you a new clutch cable? makes a big difference as does the routing.

my tracker's clutch is very stiff too and I know its the cable, one's too short and the other long, so I will look around and get something inbetween, poss off an RD.
its the stock cable, and its routed so that there are no kinks. ill lube it up, but i think the cables fine. ill pull apart the clutch basket and RTV the clutch pushrod seal. and keep yall posted. my buddies dad is gonna help me sync the carbs and nail the timing.
i pulled apart the clutch plates and they were STUCK! all are within specs. is there a torque spec on the bolts? or just 2 fingers tight like a drainplug? also RTV on the pushrod seal so well see how that holds up. also gonna have a sissybar, fender struts, tag mount and the right backbone welded cuz i had to french the petcock into it.
another thing. my coil pushed wax out of it? im assuming i left my key and coil switch on and it fried it. chris, do you happen to have a set laying around? if im replacing one i might as well do both right?
clutch bolts should be 7.2 ft lb

check for warpage too as that will drag them. Lay on plate glass and see if there is any gaps.

wax out of coils will be ignition left on as they heat up.
I do have a set that tests good $37 shipped paypal only. Mine also have the wax coming out but test good:shrug: Maybe its just how they are made.


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well mine both have spark. so i think im good for now. ill let you know by the end of the week if i need them of not. it runs on both cylinders, so i think im good. well see cuz this week is tuning week