Wanted - WTB XS400 Chrome Front Fender


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St. Louis, MO
Back over a year ago, I was in a small accident on my bike (no injury, 0% fault) which caused a slight crack to procure on the left side of the front fender (ahead of the forks) that I believe to possibly be getting worse here over time.

Thus, just in case, I was curious if anyone actually had a solid one sitting around (possibly collecting dust) from a parts bike that could be rehabbed and bolted directly on? I have a 1981 non-maxim model (xs400S/H I believe, but wait...will the maxim fender fit all the same?).

Any input from anyone is greatly appreciated; I figured it was worth checking what someone out here would want for salvage before attempting a backside weld. If you're close enough, I may be enticed to come pick it up/meet myself to spare shipping (plus, cash on the spot :D).

Thanks again everyone!

I'll try to post images both of my bike and this front fender crack here soon.