upgrade charging system?

Ok its charging like new:thumbsup: no even better. Now at idel reads 12.8v When reved ,sorry no tac jumps up to 14.7volts and the lights are nice and bright. Right now i still have a battery but plan to switch to a small capassitor.this banshee setup on the xs400 is eazy to do > I just followed the steps to XS650 SWAP trimming the cover down was the hard part.
the part list was
banshee flywheel----------$100
stator--------------------$ 20
3 phase ref/reg-----------$ 42 (hughs handbuilt)
this is better then sliced bread
the web page i got the most out of was choptemberhow to xs650 banshee charging sys. swap here are a fu pic's
I got an aftermarket one form a (now defunct) manufacturer. it combines both together. I put in in my tracker bike

under the seat

in the seat tray

Hey Drewpy, I installed a solid state reg in my '78 XS400-2E - any idea if this negates both the regulator and rectifier? I still have the rectifier connected - if I had no issues with the bike, I'd pay no mind to it, however, I'm having a nightmare with performance at the moment and trying to figure out what's wrong so I can enjoy the bike before winter sets in.

The bike idles beautifully and I can start it from dead cold on one kick, however, once I try opening the throttle above a certain point, it all goes to pot with sputtering galore. I used the clear tube method of setting both floats so the fuel level is right in the middle of the bowl rim (which I believe is correct), and both carbs are balanced with a gauge style manometer, however, at idle, there's virtually no vacuum at all. I checked for leaks with a spray can of starter fluid and nothing comes up. I've got the Pamco ignition setup and I had adjusted the valves not long before I paused this project back in 2016/2017. I'll probably try putzting with the valves this weekend but I highly doubt there's any issue - I certainly don't hear any valve tapping, I'll also clean the plugs and check the gap but, again, I have significant doubts that that's the culprit. I tried making a dedicated post on my issues but three days in and there's no activity whatsoever.


- J
Do need a regulator and rectifier.
If your unit did both it would have connected to the wires that go to the stock rectifier.
i'd do a compression check first, get a base line figure.also check valve timing too

Well my compression gauge is at my parent's home so I won't be down to grab that until the following weekend...but my leg says it has all the compression it had before I paused the project back in 2016/2017. Back then, it ran phenomenally well - just didn't charge the battery at idle because I had the original mechanical regulator plus that trickled into lighting issues (weak tail lights/brake lights). All of those problems are now solved with new lights all around and a new regulator...so the performance should not otherwise be changed from a few years ago. Do you know where I can find instructions for the Pamco ignition setup? I likely tossed mine a few years back after installing it - there's no reason why it should go out of timing but it's something to check off the list.

Thanks for your follow-up,

- James
Recap. The banshee system works great found some pics of the 2nd one i did.


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