upgrade charging system?

Ok guys, I just installed the capacitor on my charging system. The charging system runs fine, the only problem I'm having is the bike is hard to start. Keep in mind it's kick only. Any ideas?
I remember reading that a capacitor requires a bit of kicking to get started. Maybe try one of those tiny 12v batteries to help. about the size of a packet of smokes & about 0.8AH. Could be a worthwhile $10 experiment.

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my stator is stuffed,so i really meed to do something about it,im thinking about running a small generator or turning the starter motor into one. my bike is kick only anyway,
the starter is just sitting there. An old indian motorcycle i read about had a system like that.
It is once the bike is started it can run without the battery. The stock charging system dosnt charge untell you reach 3500rpms. If you idel alot it can be hard on the battery
does it matter what year banshee ... looking through ebay


just re read the thread banshee any year it seems ..... will have to go through this whole thread again make sure i understand everthing lol
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Does anyone know if this would work on a RD400?

Bathurst, NB. Canada,, You should always mention the correct year of your bike because some models or years may have a difference. The 1979 RD400 in Canada had a different altenator. Most RD250/350/400 have the same rotor ( looks same as the XS/TX650 but is different). The regulator checks how well charged the battery is and sends dc. current from the battery to the rotor which makes the field so the outside stator can generate 12 volt ac that the rectifier reduces ( causing the heat that the fins hope to get rid of.) and sends the 12 to 14.5 volts to the battery, (same as on the XS650). In hot countries you can easly overcharge a battery causing it to boil so cars have altenators with a temperature sensor to reduce over charging. The XS500 from 1973 to 1978 had almost the same set-up as the XS400. A capasitor I believe can only store DC so you probably need a rectifier. I would strongly recommend using a small 12 scooter battery to reduce weight but I really prefer all standard equipment unless you plan on racing. July 15,2012
ok im seeing conflicting info in this thread... my 80 XS400s has got a dead stator. im leaving the bike mostly stock for now...im keeping the battery and electric start.

is this upgrade still worth while?
Did you ever do a write up on this? This is genius. I can't wait to buy the parts and do it myself.

BUILT NOT BOUGHT. Anybody can have a stock bike but when you built everything on yours you get respect. Just thought I would add that for people saying " well what if something happens that makes something else happen" that's what it's all about