The greasey fingers build :)

Hey guys im still around lol!! Hope you all doing well. Its been a long time since I updated but I shelved this project for ages for various reasons. Anyway better late than never, spent an afternoon re jetting today, I still need to dial in the carbs properly but I took her for a blast today and shes runs and rides great and the front brake is awsome :rock:

Sounds good Grease I want to get my bike out and start doing some stuff to her but once my shed gets opened because of wind storm damage it may not be able to close again..I seen in one of your threads something about a brake working well which reminded me my caliper is sticking severely.So this also led me to a ?Do they make a caliper rebuild kit or is there a place I can get a new caliper.I also know the disk is groved very bad and needs replaced.
A few last little touches back from the chrome platers, quite pleased with the results hopefully mount them all up soon and post some pics...


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Looks great. The drum brake lever looks awesome. Makes me want to get all my levers done....