The greasey fingers build :)

Hey excess, not custom made but really nice quality and yes its 'west eagle' which I believe is what nitro heads used to brand they're stuff in the US as. Its a direct bolt on for sr400/500 so I had to chop the back of the frame off and make a custom rear hoop to suit.
Nice, thanks. I will have to check into them. It seems there are a few aftermarket suppliers for the SR400, so maybe there will be more options that way. Right now I have an older flat style double seat that supposedly came from a 1977 XS400, but I havent seen one like it before. I'm hoping I can shorten it up and make it into what I want.
Spent some time on the bike today putting on the exhausts. This time I have packed them with fibreglass and installed baffles, they were obnoxious just packed with steel wool and no baffle....hopefully they are going to have a better tone now. I have a few weeks off soon, planning on finishing her up so hopefully will be riding soon :bike:


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Fitted the carbs and air filters, the pod filters I have fit a treat...easier to put on than the stock air box lol. Im hoping this set up will be easier to tune than before. Now I'm running the H pipe from the carbs, the air filters have foam filter material, and I'm running baffles in the exhaust because they were way too loud. This is the 360 motor in there now so should be interesting to see the difference between that and the 250 motor. She is starting to look more complete and closer to her maiden voyage :bike:


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One thing I would do is get some intake boot cages put on. I run them on all my bikes now and are a must for the much heavier xs360 carbs. If you run non-stock air filters it is even more important as the stock boxes are held in place with straps to the battery box. What happens is over time the weight of the carbs and the movement from the vacuum of the motor wears out the boots. The cages keep the solid and firm. :)


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Ah cool makes sense, I'm pretty sure I have at least one set of those...gonna go have a look for them now, cheers chris.
Oh btw chris, I used your trick with cutting off the ends off a set of the old stock air filters and inserting them into the H pipe so when I clamp on the pod filters they have a nice solid pipe to clamp great!
Would the cage really help at all without the ears for the bolts to hold onto?

My 360 has the cages but my new SJ does not. Are the SJ carbs that much lighter than the 360's?
I would prefer it with the bolt ears, but I think they will be better than nothing so I'm gonna run them. I had a quick look on eBay for them couldn't find any, they would be fairly hard to find I think :shrug:
Would the cage really help at all without the ears for the bolts to hold onto?

My 360 has the cages but my new SJ does not. Are the SJ carbs that much lighter than the 360's?

I will help a lot even with the lighter xs400 carbs. Three of my xs400's have xs360 carbs and run the cages. I even use the cages with my 79 xs400 with the stock xs400 carbs. It helps keep the boots from stretching. The boots I replaced on my 79 15 yrs ago started to pull air from the area where the carbs met the boot. The boots where still soft and had no cracks but from the lack of support they went bad. When you use the cages you will find a much tighter fit onto the carbs, even with a used set of boots. Why Yamaha stopped using them I don't know why:shrug: Even the xs650 used them on there bs34 carbs up till 84. It is too bad those cages will not work on our bikes:banghead:
The last set I got I had to pay $45 for the set. They are getting very hard to find.
Hooked up the front brake today, works like a charm...cant wait to see how the R1 brake does on the test ride! Should pull up like a feather with a parachute.
Been thinking about doing a swing arm mounted fender for a few days and just realized your setup is exactly what I was thinking of. Saw it back before I had the new bike and I guess the idea stuck.
Subconscious inspiration. :thumbsup:

Looked back through the thread but didn't see any mention of where you found it?
spent some time doing the valve clearances/points gap/timing today....gave here some juice and hit the start button....SHES ALIVE!!!! Running like a champ I'm so stoked lol :)