Tell-On-Yourself Thread

Lmao I'm sure I've gotten a few shout outs on that very same HD thread lol

Yesterday I got my case back together, I got my bike all the way back together, jetted the carb, put on a bigger front sprocket and new rear tire, and I even cleaned the thing!!! It rode great until I felt a little wobble under me... I pulled over at the end of my street and noticed I hadn't put a cotter pin on the the rear axle =P I carry a pretty handy bag of tools on the forks so I did a quick once over and made sure everything was tight.

At work my buddy called me and said his power line came loose and he needed some tools to get his bike wired back up. On my way to him I got stuck behind traffic long enough to need a wide open stretch, so when I reached one I flew through a couple gears and when shifting into third my shifter popped off.... On a one way, on a very busy street lol

Somehow I made it all the way home in third gear. Thankfully I've got a spare from a yamaha blaster (4wheeler), that finally found a new home
"I carry a pretty handy bag of tools on the forks.. " - can I see a picture of how that bag is siting there?
My phone won't let me upload multiple pictures, but above my headlight I've got a black leather bag that holds the majority of my tools. I've got wire connectors, zip ties, a lighter, electrical tape, fuses, vice grips, (which double as a shifter when in necessity =P), I got one of those interchangeable screwdrivers with like 48 different bits, which has been a huge help. It's crazy the things you find out you need when riding a motorcycle. And a couple random wrenches some pliers and my carb tools.


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Then i scored this little soft bag at the local army surplus store. It's been amazingly convenient. I'm in the market for a small gas can to throw in my sidebag, something for those forgetful days lol I can't count how many times I've ran out of gas with money in my pocket... I just forget to fill the thing up!


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Here you go, its easier on windows computers.


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Nice! I like that bag on the headlight. And nice bike! Keep it locked on xmass, mr. Grinch wants one just like that!
.... I'm in the market for a small gas can to throw in my sidebag, something for those forgetful days lol ...
I sometimes fill an empty SeaFoam can with gas and put it in my bag.
It's made to handle flammable solvent liquids - strong metal can, excellent fully sealing screw top. It holds a half US quart of gas enough for just over 10 kms (about 6 miles).
Hell yeah Lou that's a great idea! I've got one that's almost empty, I dig that. I've got a new tell on myself...

I really dropped the ball on this one... Well to start, my stator needs replaced, so my headlight kills my battery.. (And I'm sure it could definitely be wired in better.) well, I told the misses id home before it got too dark... Got a little far west and had to turn the headlight off every time I came to a stop cause it would kill the bike... But I made it home!

... 45 mins after dark.

She had already called my parents crying thinking I had gotten in an accident and that's why I wasn't answering. When in fact I was riding. This wouldn't have been so dramatic but a buddy of mine just had a driver pull out in front if him, it was a very bad accident and he didn't make it, so she was pretty worried....
Telling on myself again, and probably not for the last time...

Yesterday I was stopped at a red light, in first gear, when a friend pulled up next to me. I waved at her... with my left hand... and of course that stalled my bike. Fortunately I had plenty of time to restart before the light turned green; drivers in my neck of the woods are impatient enough even when I'm off the line like a flash. :)
Quiet here... I have something to tell on myself...

Few days ago on my way home from work I felt strangely cool in my left shoe. When I looked down - I saw my left shoe having a nice shower of gas. Instinctively I reached to petcock only to get reminded that there is no "off" position. So I turned ignition off and pulled to a side.

It turns out when I installed inline fuel filter I did not put those metal clumps over the line next to filter. I din't have spares and figured the connection is pretty tight without them. Well, because filter is hanging right behind left cylinder, filter and line gets pretty warm, softens, and is prone to vibrate and disconnect...

recently had a shitty gas station attendant (NJ we dont pump gas) fill up my gas cans. he accidentally pulled the handle as he pulled the nozzle out of the can and got 93 all over my new Redwings... literally out of the box that afternoon.

wet paper towels and a bunch of Mink oil fixed it... sort of... little discoloration
Okay, I did it today, I had to "Dial a friend/Wife" I turned my reserves on my way into work that morning, then on the way home about 125 miles on the tank of fuel, I seen my turn off for the last gas station for the last 5 miles till I get home, I looked at my clear see though filter, the fuel level was just getting into the filter zone, then immediately, it went down to the bottom, Then immediately cut out on me.:doh: I coasted to a stop, and waited. Mental note, good to have cell phone inaddtion to bag of tools!

So the wife was able to bring some lawnmower fuel, and away I went!
I knew better, even my 8yo said that.:doh::laughing:
oh well, I was only 5 miles from home.
I may have posted this in the past but Tobie you reminded me. We had a 71 Monte Carlo and It was on fumes one day. I was headed to the station to fill up and got about 40 ft from the driveway when it stalled. Was going fast enough that I coasted to the pump and put 17.5 gals in an 18 gal tank. Back at home I found that the fuel gage needle was hung upon a business card that slipped in there. Oh What a nice day for a ride today!!! This whole weekend in fact but alas it was ruined for me by overtime yesterday and other responsibilities today. There's little time left in our area to ride our bikes in good weather.
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