Sparkplugs- What is everyone using?

Ed Dunham

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New Jersey
I got my son-in-law's 78 xs 400 2E going pretty well. It starts on the first kick and revs right up. Last major issue was discovering that someone who had been in there before me lost the little spacer that sits on the carb needle on one side. As a result, the spring under the clip was pushing the needle up causing that side to run rich. The stock NGK plugs that were in it pretty bad, so I ordered new ones. Meanwhile I tuned it on some old Beru plugs I had, which have a more projected electrode than the stock plugs. They gave a nice strong spark. When the new NGKs came, I put them in and the bike wouldn't start. Testing for spark showed tiny anemic sparks compared to the old Berus. I suspect that I was sold some of the counterfeit NGKs you hear about. So before I take another chance on ordering NGKs, what plugs is everyone using, is there a consensus on viable alternatives to the NGK BR7es? I don't want to leave the Berus in. They are an obsolete range and I don't know if the heat range is appropriate for continued use.
Ed from NJ
You might need to switch to non resistor spark plug wire end caps. The original design is a non-resistor plug and I think a 5k ohm resistor cap. With resistor plugs, it may be too much resistance. They discontinued the non-resistor plugs for some reason.