some modded xs400's

found this today Rufford autojumble, nice xs250


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A couple of modded 400s for sale locally.
$2600 (Canadian) for this one:
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$1600 for this:
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I was hoping to see some XS400s for sale locally, just not chopped up like these.
There is another heritage special available in town but it'd take more work to get running than I want to invest.

Both are way over priced. Keep looking for one that has not been messed with. :wink2:


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The white one looks really nice...and rideable (except no mufflers and these overpriced huge tires). But the price is really high...
What is it with people? They wouldn't wear massive, "clown shoes" out in public, never mind to run to a coffee shop. Yet they insist on installing rediculous, clown sized tires on their bikes. Stupid is as stupid does...
Anything larger than a stock size tire hurts performance. It's just another hipster gimmick:laugh:
I'm so glad the hipsters here in Cleveland never got into the motorcycle scene. There are a few, but not many. All the guys into old metric bikes here are straight up rockabilly, and tend to not make bikes look like monstrosities ;)
well, also have in mind that matching tires in stock size are not always easy to come by, the only available tiresize with decent rubber for me is 130/90-16 & 100/90-18 from the dealers that dont cost a fortune with shipping. i prefer a great grip
Here in the u.s. there is no excuse for it:) My local yamaha dealer can get them for about the same price as most on-line guys. I have run matched and unmatched tires before and can't tell any difference. Your rear tire will wear much faster than the front so trying to find a rear "matched" tire is a waste of tire imho. As long as they are the correct size, and the tire has a fresh date code on it your good.
The dohc motor would sure be an upgrade from the sohc one but I worry about how well it was put together.
Yeah, that's what I was wondering about. The photos are too dark and fuzzy to get a good sense of it. It looks like they retained the DOHC top mounts but it's not clear if the cradle was kept, and if it wasn't I'd want to know how they reinforced the frame to compensate.
I'd like to know more about the rear sets, the hydraulic clutch and is that an electronic ignition?

The Rear sets are original Pichler:

The electronic ignition is original Yamaha non-europe XS400 SG/G til 1980:

The hydraulic clutch is an project from member gemamo from the

Complete rebuild-thread (in german) of this machine is here: