400J Butterface
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Seattle, WA
Hello all; today I leave my first post, for my first motorcycle, about one week and three drops after my first ride.

My ride: '82 SX400 Maxim. I have no idea how many miles because the speedo/tach does not work. This sucker is a beater though, so a great bike for me to learn on.

That said, I have been making tweeks/repairs/upgrades everyday this past week and have come to a head.

Immediate issues: The bike kicks extremely hard when shifting without the clutch, especially in 2nd, 3rd gears.

Once the bike has been started and put in gear, neutral is gone, no longer accessible until the bike is shut off and rolled a few inches with clutch pulled.

The clutch is very tight, even after replacing the lever and cable.

No speedo/tach! Ive replaced the cable to no avail. When I removed the old cable, the length plugged into the hub was snapped off and bunched up. Not sure of the condition within the hub, nor have I pulled the meters apart yet.

I have been considering an upgrade to air pods because I was told be a fellow rider at the local parts shop that It would improve my performance and gas mileage. Is there any truth to this? Also, this morning as I dissected my air box to inspect the condition of my filter, I found an empty chamber. Is this normal? Do these bikes have filters?

I'm off to the shop to pick up a new clutch lever since I snapped my last one on the last drop, and will ask about filters when I get there. However, any and all advice for these issues listed would be hugely appreciated

I'm not new to mechanics but I am new to motorcycles. Jetting the carbs? Petcocks? All Klingon to me.