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Just did an oil change on my 83 Maxim on the weekend.

All was well, or so I thought.

After the oil change, the oil filter location started a slow oil leak. I replaced the gaskets, everything is installed correctly, and torqued the bolt on.

The oil drain plug is not leaking.

It's a slow leak, about one drop per 5 hours. However, its really concerning me. Is it possible that the gasket on the housing shifted during the re-install? I'll lose all my brand new oil if I pop that cover off.

I'm hoping this is an easy fix but I'm really not sure how to fix it. If anyone has any advice that would be great.

Also, my signal lights stopped working. I'm assuming because it has the original signal switch on the left handle bar, that its likely just a wiring issue. However, when I took the gas tank off (seperate issue) there was a ground wire connected to where the tank is bolted on. I removed that ground (had to do it to get the tank off) then put the ground on a seperate bolt that was slightly below the tank. Is it possible that that would be the cause of the loss of signal light function? The bike has been rewired at some point so I know that without pictures and a complete wiring diagram I'm really just taking a stab in the dark here. However, if someone could let me know, in general, if a ground is lost, that could be a source of malfunction for a switch, correct?

I also do not have a neutral indicator light - on the aftermarket speedo, there is a green bulb that is to be used for neutral indicator, and all the wiring is connected, so again I believe there were some wiring issues with the PO.

Any and all advice or tips is appreciated. I have used the search function endlessly and am exhausting options.

I am considering a complete re-wire of the bike, my only hang up is regulators, starters, and fuse boxes. The rest is manageable for me. I have rewired my boat and done some minor projects on work vans, but motorcycles are new to me and I'm not proficient in understanding their charging systems, so I'll need to work on this.

I had a garage heater installed so I will have a nice warm shop to work during the long winter. Hoping that I can have two functional, safe, clean bikes ready to go with a bunch of maintenance done on them come spring.

Thanks for all the tips and advice so far.

On your ground wire, where you bolted it to the frame make sure you have clean bare metal there. Electricity can't get through the paint. Sand off any paint. a thin coat of grease on the connections will help prevent corrosion.
On the neutral light, the light in the speedo, is it an LED or regular bulb?
If LED it may be wired backwards.
On the stock system power goes to the light, from the light to the neutral switch, the swtch grounds the circuit.
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Hey @XSLeo , i finally got around to checking the ground on my signal and you were right. It was connected to the wrong post, one that was fully covered in paint. I switched it. Also found that a fuse had been knocked loose in the fuse box so fixed that as well. Then, only the left signal light worked. So I disassembled the left hand control and took a look, it appeared to be all good, but possibly the small ground wire in there was knocked a bit off. Tightened it up and voila, both signals worked. Very satisfying that it was such a small simple fix... adding that one to the mental toolbox, thank you. Poked around as I had some time and then took off the oil filter, re-fit the O-ring on the bolt and the covering, and put them back in place. Hopefully it holds oil now. Tightened up the slack on the brake lines and fixed them to posts on the bike with line attachments, again simple but very effective. Feels good to cross a few things off the list and move onto bigger issues now.