New rider lookin for tips on ordering parts

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Hey everyone, recently acquired an 83 maxim 400. It needed some new front brake pads, a bleed, and fork seals replaced, which I was able to do rather easily with a friends help.

really enjoyed looking thru some these threads and learning about these bikes, especially seeing all the progress in the thread by Nat X

I was wondering if there are many options to replace the grab bar at the back of the seat with a larger sissy bar in order to have room to strap a bag to it for overnight/camping trips on this bike, or is that something that people will weld onto the existing grab bar frame?
also, can anyone confirm the handlebar size for this bike to be 7/8”? Debating some TC bros mini ape hangers for abit of custom.

Was also wondering if there are any certain websites that people from this site rely on for ordering and shipping parts. I’m located in Revelstoke, BC, Canada.View attachment 38174View attachment 38175
I lucked into a $25 craigslist find of an old Ashco bolt-on cargo rack for my 78, though they were made universal for many of the UJM motorcycles. You can find them on ebay too. Try searching ebay or CL for your year model and either Ashco or just cargo rack.
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