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Hello all,
I have been enjoying reading all the posts on here, great website!
I recently picked up a 1983 Yamaha Maxim xs 400 and am getting into fixing it up. I am not the most mechanically inclined but you got to start somewhere right!
Anyways, I was attempting to pull the rear tire as it was blown and I damaged the rear tire axle, now of course I am in need of one. This is proving difficult where I am.
My first questions is, is there other models of Yamaha that would share the same axle? Or does it specifically have to be the xs400 version? And what is the recommended website to order these types of parts from?

Also, any tips for replacing the tire once I get new rubber? Grease points, easy ways got install tire?

I am sure I will have more questions as this goes on and I will continue to read other posts.
Thanks for your time!
P.s. I am located in BC, Canada!
And one more thing!
The frame serial number and the engine serial numbers are not matching up with the manuals, neither of them say XS400 or anything. Am I looking at the wrong number or something?

The numbers I have on the headstock are 12R - does anyone know that may mean for the model? Want to make sure I am ordering the correct parts. All I could find so far is it is registered as a 1982 model, I thought it was a 1983. And I believe it is the Maxim model though I am not sure what that means specifically, does it mean it is the XS400? Or am I missing something??
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Welcome to the forum.

A VIN starting with 12R means you have an either a 1982 XS400J Maxim or a 1983 XS400K Maxim (basically the exact same bike). If you look for parts, either one will work to find what you need.

Regarding your rear axle, and looking at 1982 XS400J parts on Partzilla shows that the Yamaha part number is 12R-25381-00-00 and the site indicates that the part is shared with the following other Yamaha bikes:

This Yamaha 12R-25381-00-00 AXLE, WHEEL fits the following models and components:

Yamaha Motorcycle 1996 YZF600RHC FRONT WHEEL

Yamaha Motorcycle 1995 YZF600RGC FRONT WHEEL

Yamaha Motorcycle 1995 YZF600RG FRONT WHEEL

Yamaha Motorcycle 1996 YZF600RH FRONT WHEEL

Yamaha Motorcycle 1984 FJ600L REAR WHEEL

Yamaha Motorcycle 1983 XS400RK REAR WHEEL

Yamaha Motorcycle 1984 FJ600LC REAR WHEEL

Yamaha Motorcycle 1985 FJ600NC REAR WHEEL

Yamaha Motorcycle 1983 XS400K REAR WHEEL

Yamaha Motorcycle 1982 XS400J REAR WHEEL

Yamaha Motorcycle 1982 XS400RJ REAR WHEEL

Yamaha Motorcycle 1985 FJ600N REAR WHEEL

It looks like this part is no longer available brand new from a Yamaha parts distributor, so I would use the part number and start searching eBay.
I had a local shop mount new rubber (tubeless), but found the schrader valve in the stem needed replacement too- thankfully cheap, but one of those old bike details needed to be handled :)