New guy building XS400 Softail Bobbers

Well today I went to the shop to finish off rebuilding the carbs. Then I installed the carbs, throttle cable, and tach cable.

Then the party started......

Mind you this was the second start, lol, but it started, then I proceeded to check and adjust the timing, it was out a couple degrees, then I hooked up the manometer and balanced the carbs, they were out of sync by 1 1/4" Hg, so balance, set idle speed, balance, set idle speed, yada, yada, yada.
Also confirmed the charged system is working just fine whilst it was running.

Then I test fit the air filtration system, couple of pics......

Bit more done on the bike today. Fuel system is plumbed in and commissioned.


Then test fit the UNI's, not oiled yet, but they will be. Also attached a couple of mini side bags for giggles and shlitz.


Polished up the rear fender and installed along with the seat.


And just a couple of pics, still need to install tank badges. Also installed speedo cable.


Hauled my butt out to the shop this morning. Scratched a bit then attached the forward pegs.


Oiled the filters and fit the badges to the tank, LS view
Oh yeah, also installed and commissioned the horn.


RS view


And then......

And then........

Then I introduced her to her sister, some pics.


These builds have been a blast! Bit of a change from building Super 7 cars. I'll check back once in a while to see how everyone's rides are doing.
Very nice work Buddha! Quite a unique set of bikes. If you get into any adventures with them, please let us know.
Thanks guys.
And here I thought I was done. In the rush to head south last fall I failed to drain the fuel from the 78 build. Well wouldn't you know it, went to start it today and it's revving high on choke, idles nice, but misses and barks half throttle. It's going back on the build bench for a carb removal:doh: thanks to todays sh!tty gas.
Well that wasn't very exciting. Turns out the vacuum line on #1 carb adapter was loose causing a lean condition. Installed a new tighter line from carb adapter to gas tank valve and all is good now.
Thanks Jpvg! Both bikes are on the road, the only additional thing I did was to install tombstone windshields on both bikes.
We have lots of bugs in Alberta.