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Hello XS400 Forum :thumbsup:

Hi all just picked up a new project bike to be a Cafe Racer, just picked up a XS400, its currently in bits but got it for next to nothing. I'm confused about what year the engine and frame are, the engine starts with 2A2 and the frame starts with 2L0, can anyone tell me what year and model they come from?

I have rebuilt a few cars in my time and have a general idea on rebuilding a bike so it should be fun. I got a heap of spares with it as well which was handy.

It needs a lot of work but i plan on finishing it over the next 7 months if everything goes to plan. My first hurdle is relocating the battery and finding a set of rear sets, i'm 6"3 so the standard ones make it uncomfortable, any ideas or suggestions are great. Once i get all the mock up done, it will be off to the powder coater.

I hope to chat to you all again. Is anyone from Australia on here as well? :D


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My frame and engine are both 2LO. My frame still has the Yamaha sticker on it which says it was made in October of 1977, it is a 1978 XS400-E. Hope that helps. Your bike does look very similar to mine.
awesome thanks mate. Yeah they do look very similar if thats the bike in your side picture. Do you have the 18" wheels? just needed to work out what year it is so i can get some parts for it, I wanting to convert it over to electric ignition
don't worry too much for engine parts as all the sohc stuff from 250, 360 and 400's will fit (apart from the obvious).
from '80 the tci ignition was introduced and the carbs are updated to comply with legislation.
G'day Mate, and welcome to the forum.

have a looksey at my xs400 sticky in the yam owners club forum under classics. lthere's a how to there.
Welcome AMR-XS400, we're glad to have you here! I haven't noticed any other member from Australia yet, but I may have missed one.

The bike looks to be in good shape, I can't wait to see where you take it!
since you have hydraulic rear can use a host of rearsets...I'm in the process of welding plate steel in the little triangle/hoop where the rear pegs/exhuast mounts that location you can get a used set of rearsets off most any Japanese sportbike and adapt them to fit....thats my plan at least.
Hello, welcome to the forum.

Answering the second half of your question, Skillzman1 just yesterday posted the model codes which says that your 2A2 engine is from a 1977 XS400D.

Keep us up to date on your progress with pictures!