My xs400 adventure begins!!!


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Hello, I recently got a 1982 xs400 and looking for a manual online i found you all. I would like to share my story and adventure of finishing/ customizing this bike. it's going to need some pretty major stuff redone as I go from what I can see electrical from battery to main fuse wiring for sure has been chopped up and put back together. getting the battery out to charge it today the terminal loop on the wire broke off :( so i dont want to speculate how well it runs yet but i can do this im sure. So first thing is the exciting stuff about the bike :) I want to say upper and lower engine have been re done potentially. the guy i got the bike from got it as a (almost done) project from a guy in utah aha. He had a local shop do the carbs, boots and exaust last season drove it around the block and it has sat since ( lucky me) I will start by cleaning fuel and ignition system up, charge battery up a bit, check oil and try to turn it over and keep everyone posted as I go. First thing is inspecting and replacing battery to starter and solenoid cables for sure they were re done pretty poorly little dinky connectors crimped on the ends snapped right off I'll dig into it more and post pics and what I need to do in a few days.


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Welcome to the forum!

Gotta love getting those bikes in the "almost done" project stage, which seems to be another term for "just needs a carb clean" - hopefully things are pretty straight-forward to getting it sorted out, but this forum is here regardless. Thanks for the pics, and we look forward to seeing how you make out.