my new project/ first bike/81 xs400h


a simple emoticon fixes this

i'm almost positive yea, that the black wires are ground. just had a quick look at my bike. Im THIS close to building a harness too, but my sore weakness is wiring/electricity. mine seems so effed up so far.
go to ebay. a dude sells a nice simple bare minimal wire diagram for the XS400 and a # of other bikes too. e-mails you a PDF.
blarg, I hate when the whole project is put on hold by one part..... that darn sprocket!!! ( and I still have to heat treat it!)

it was shipped out wed, but didnt make it hoping i dont ave any huge issues, going to get the bike running again tomorro, ive got to get all the electrical worked out, hopefully she will be running sweet before the end of tomorrow... if not im kind of screwed, got recruited to go to florida next week and drive a car back so now I have like no time...

thanks for the compliments guys :) cant wait to ride my bike...been waaayyyy to long!
you have some sick fab skilz and an amasing imagination. wow!!! i don't care for sport bikes much. had a cbr f/4 for a while back when it was 6 months old "probly the funnest bike i ever had" and had to go back to cruiser for the sake of my back and wrists. but i could suffer long enough to take that for spin. very nice job!!!! i see so many projects with crazy plans like this that never get finished and then a bike is wasted beyond repair.... kudos just for finishing it!!!
about that shifter area..... most of the old dirt bike shifters are made from flat bar and could be easily manipulated to clear the frame. if you just flip that front heim joint to the outside would it clear the frame better so you could shorten the arm. looks like you are going to have a lot of travel with that geometry.

or do you have a plan for that already?
I used to ride MX (did very little work) and after having the XS400 There are some very similar sizes I agree with New Kid The old dirt bike shifter could definitly work
thanks NKOTB... that shifter works fine, I think it may be the picture that makes it look like it dosnt clear the frame, the only reason its angled forward like that isbecause I didnt want to shorten the connector rod (its solid and im sick of using the lathe)...i will end up gong to a mx shifter or rewelding this stocker

got the bike almost finished today, wiring is all done, blinkers, brake lights, running lights work, all thats left is the headlights, exhaust hanger in the rear and what ever mods ill have to do for the sprocket.

im going to go to my favorite trucker supply store tomorro morning and buy me some super brigt led spot lights, I think they have some 3 inch round leds and ill mount two up front, one on for low, two on for high, should be enought to cause blindness :D

almost started it today but didnt have any fuel, I switch the jets out in the carb to what Ithought was appropriate (for the jets I had) , the air jets on the front of the carb were 155's, the main jets are 145....does that sound about right?

...has to be better than the 170 main jet that was in it
only missing a seat now :)

Awesome build:thumbsup:! Do you think you are breaking even on any weight discrepancies between old vs. new?

Also, with those headlights I think I have a name for your bike:


got her running....AND CHARGINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


turns out the stator was in crooked on the housing, and it ended up hitting the flywheel... gouges in both but its charging 14.7 volts at 2200 that too high?

once the sprocket comes im gona ride it for a week straight!!! :)... but i gatta go to florida omorro so there wont be any work till then end of the week :(
its a little high, but it might be putting some juice back in the battery.

just keep an eye on the electrolite level.

Awesome bike aH, now we want a cool video with no music:D
Well....the seat would require money, so for now im going to bare ass it. I've got a seat pan made up and I was planning on sending it to ginger at newchurchmoto, but I've run out of cash-ola