My Cafe Racer Build (and Re-Build)

That is a pretty badass shade of gray to go with yer badass motorsickle. I'm going to steal that color for a sportscar (not a Porsche).
It's become popular these days, you can get it on new a new Porsche for a hefty fee. It's the only non-metallic paint they will do.

Even the paint guy at the place I had mix it up complimented it.
Starting to look like a finished bike(almost). Not bad with a little color.


Its looking great!! I love that fairing.. I would suggest to raise the tank a bit, to follow one bottom line with seat..
I'm in it for function over style ;) Getting that tank line level would require moving the front mounts higher, not something I'd be interested in doing, as the inch it would need would put the front fat part of the tank smacking my bars. That weight of fuel an inch higher would make a difference as well, believe it or not.
Gauge cluster. Going to end up adding a digital tach stuffed under there somewhere, as my motor is most likely going to make power upwards of 10k rpm, so the 8k limit on the speedo won't fit the bill.

Maybe I missed it somewhere but are you going with Flat side carbs? are these TMs or PWK?

I cant wait to see this thing run. I will have questions on how you like your carbs, your megacycle cam, and the rs125 forks.

Its a general consensus that these bikes are not worth putting money into but I love seeing people put time, effort, and love into making these little machines better than they were ever designed to be. Great build.
PWKs, went with them since I've used them before and can tune them easily. Unfortunately I went with the off brand castings, ended up replacing all the intetnals with Keihin parts. So should have just bought genuine from the get go. I'm currently waiting on some parts from a supplier to make my own adjustable power jets. The fixed power jet currently on the carbs doent apeal to me at all. Will also be adding a check valve on the power jet line for instant fueling.

These bikes are worth however much you want to put into them. As long as you know that whatever you do is pretty much a loss if you decide to ever sell it, then who cares? Enjoy what ya got!
Had the motor half assembled, but took it back apart in anticipation of higher compression pistons. Also forgot to post pics of the cam and crank. So here's the Megacycle cam-



For those interested in the cam- you can NOT reuse your old rocker arms. Well you can, but they must be sent off to be redone on the face. Or aquire some NOS oem. I opted to have Megacycle do mine. Some other notes- if you want to get this cam spot on, you potentially may have to modify your cam sprocket to achieve a slight offset. Not hard for a machine shop to do and takes seconds. The cam card also calls for .12mm (.005") for lash on both intake and exhaust. You don't use stock specs for aftermarket cams, don't use what's in the books. Go with the cam card specs!
Don't know the exact year they came from, but they for sure are pre 06. The 98-05 are all this style. The 06-09 were slightly different internals, and different triple clamps.
Well OEM sanglas pistons are not higher compression. They are the exact pistons that our yamahas have.

There is a guy in spain that had a bunch of billet pistons made up and sells them on a website as well as ebay. The dome is much higher. I don't know the exact number on the aftermarket pistons, but I'll run a burette on them once they get here.
Well I got a response from the seller of the pistons that I should have waited to receive before buying them. He says that the pistons are in fact stock height, the pictures just have an optical illusion of higher dome due to the way they are cut.

I'll still hold on to them, since they are the 2nd over size and can be used down the road:thumbsup:
Waiting on some laser cut shims to come in for the transmission. So got bored and took a photo of the top half of the motor. That high temp 2k paint is the bees knees. No more paint chipping off just from brushing against it.

Some tasty engine/carb upgrades you got going on there, will be interested to see the power increase...please let us know the results :thumbsup: Will you go an electronic ignition or is it already electronic. This is gonna be a juicy build :bike: