My 79 xs400 build

Just looked on Craigs list. Been thinking about another bike just to ride while I build mine. Found another XS400 An 81 with around 7000 miles on it. Guys asking 700 says it ran last year and was driven. Any thoughts????
its craigslist, bring a charged battery and try to start it, if i doesnt start offer him $400.

if it does start talk him down anyway.

my PO was looking for 750 got mine for under 400 because after a test ride the carbs were dumping fuel.
Mr. Stubb - 700 seems okay, but try to start it and then try to ride it. If you can't start it then its a gamble because even though he said 'it worked last year' doesn't mean hes telling the truth, or something didn't brake during storage. It could take hundreds to get it going, or just the carbs to be cleaned.
if it has a title and runs i would do it but if it doesnt i honestly wouldnt cause my friend just bought a xs750 and they are now into it it about 400 to rebuild it cause it has a cracked piston
re did some work on my exhaust today got pulled over and told it was to loud so a buddy helped me out with a nice custom muffler


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mcrowell75's video is better than my old one, but there are two on the subject in that thread. I was really green when I made mine!

The absolute minimal essence of timing these bikes is that you want the contact points to OPEN at the moment the LF or RF lines are reached on their respective compression stroke when rotating the engine.
so im back at my bike after a little break and i took the carbs off stripped them down all the way and then soaked them in 70 percent rubbing alcohol, then after 5 hours of soaking i used my air compressor to blow all the lines and ports out of it using 120 psi and a few .iittle chunks of gunk came out of it and then was nice solid stream of air, i then reassembled the carbs and bolted them back on, also swapped out my coils to new ones as a just i case and hve a nce heavy spark ( my buddy was holding the plug when i fired it lol ), but it feels like it has to struggle to get running, or started and when its started it doesnt want to stay running, points are dead set to lf and rf all timing is perfect and carbs are bench tuned as of now but i cant get them to idle correct to fine tune it, any information would help out alot