Lights switch and kill switch both won't work


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I have a weird wiring job going on.
As you can see, there are the lights, the brown wire from the voltage reg, the black stator wire, the coils all on one side of the killswitch and a fuse on the other going to the battery positive.

The problem that I'm facing is that 1) I can't kill the bike with the kill switch and 2) the lights won't turn on. Therefore, I imagine it's something with my wiring more so than the switches themselves. Also as additional weird info, I just switched out the Voltage Reg but I have noticed that if the voltage reg is working, the kill switch won't work (at least this happened last time until the VR fried and then I had a working kill switch again). However, last time the lights did work.

My battery is at 12.71 volts.

What should I be checking? Is there a list I should run down? I have no idea where to go from here and would just love any tips as to what direction to take.

Thanks everyone


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Hard to tell what's going on. Did you use a wiring diagram?

How is the rectifier wired in? If it's after the switch then the rectifier will provide power while the bike is running, maybe even with the switch turned off.
so it goes from top to bottom( nearest to screw to nearest to switch)

1.double red, ignition coils)

2. red, lights

3. black stator wire (this is actually correct, it isn't a ground)

4.striped red, cdi

5. voltage regulator brown wire

6. red, regulator wire

this is all before the switch, after the switch is a fuse which then goes to the battery pos
yep the rectifier wire sorry about that. wouldn't that constantly provide power to the rectifier then? either way I'll try it out because I know no better and once again thanks for the help!
It's the other way around. The rectifier charges the battery and powers the bike while running.
The way you have it the rectifier will continue to power the bike even if the switch is turned off.
just to make sure, my kill switch functions as both ignition and kill switch and was checking in to make sure that wouldnt cause any issues