Light for speedometer gauge died


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Hey everyone, the light inside my speedometer died the other day, tried taking it apart nut it looks like it's one entire sealed plastic unit. Don't know if its possible to change the lights in the gauges, I've also been wanting to take it apart because there is a water stain inside the tach gauge which annoys me. Let me know if anyone has any advice.
Both the tach and speedometer are sealed at the factory by crimping the bezel ring. Isn't the bulb replaceable from the rear after you remove the tach from the can? I haven't tried but have had both out of their cans.

Some folks have used a bottle opener to carefully pry up the bezel ring so as to get to the insides of the tach and speedometer. Haven't tried it myself. Yep, stains, loose screws, etc. are all complaints.