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Dudley, United Kingdom.
Has anyone had a problem with the side stand cut out switch? I have been having problems starting my 82 Maxim! I have been through the wiring, and all of the electrical equipment, and everything checks out within normal parameter's! The only thing that I havn't been able to check out, is the cut out switch, on the side stand!

Any help or tips will be gratefully appreciated!

It's been years since I removed that switch from my Maxim, so forgive any errors...

The side stand switch and neutral switch are used to activate a relay. The relay sends a signal to the TCI module to kill the ignition when the side stand is down (switch is open) and the transmission is in gear (neutral light extinguished). Removing one wire from the TCI module connector will disable the safety system entirely, allowing one to do silly things like put the bike in gear with the side stand down. Following the wires for the switch, one will find connections that can be jumped to bypass the switch, rendering the safety system inert. That is as long as the relay operates correctly.

Hope that helps.
Thank's Dave! I have tried everything else, but the thing still refuses to start! I've had every connection apart, cleaned and checked for continuity, the switchgear has all been cleaned and checked, carb's cleaned and sync'd, new battery, coil's checked, and are within spec! New HT leads. I even checked to make sure that the timing hadn't slipped! But it still refuses to start! Is there anything else, you can think of, that I might have missed?

Thank's in advance

That sounds frustrating! I can think of many questions to ask. To make it easier, could you describe exactly what you are doing and what is happening? Don't leave anything out, as the little details can make a huge difference!
Hi Dave, I have tried everything I can think of to start the bike, the only part that I havn't been able to check is the kickstand safety switch! I have tried to trace the wire, through to the loom, but I lost track of the wire, and can't find where it joins the loom, therefore, I'm not able to check for continuity! Any advice on where it joins the loom?

I don't have said switch but can you test continuity at the switch, between its terminals? Or at the safety relay?
@MerlinDudley if the transmission is in neutral with the light on, the safety circuit should allow the ignition to operate. It sounds like you may be chasing the wrong thing. Do you have spark when cranking? Do you see one spark about 20 seconds after turning on the ignition or stopping cranking?

If memory serves, the side stand safety relay is located under the seat, on the left side. The wires from the switch connect close to the relay.
If the bike won't'seems probably something else.....i.e...the bike will start with the kickstand down but will kill the ignition when put in gear WITH kickstand least that's how both my SECA and Maxim behaved.
Maybe a bad neutral switch...?...relay?
TCI Gone?
When you say it won'the start....does the starter turn over...or not at all?
...bad starter,solenoid....faulty ground?

Could be any number of things....gotta love electrical...
Including late night in the garage...I chased "an electrical gremlin" for about 30 minutes as the bike would not start....only to realise it wasn't even in neutral....:doh:
Thank's for all your replies and advice! News is in the words of the old movie "It's Alive!" I made a stupid mistake, when checking the coil's, (kicking myself) I connected them the wrong way around! It's running now, idling at around 1500 rpm, a bit fast I know, but I can live with that, until I have more time to tinker!

Thank's again for all the help and advice.

I’m having a similar issue. All connections are good, replaced ignition coils, plug wires, and plugs. New fuse box, pickup coil readings are good. The only thing I’ve yet to check now is the sidestand relay. But when you say you connected the coils wrong, what do you mean? I want to check if I’m making the same mistake.
Nevermind! Unplugged the neutral/sidestand relay, stared at it for a few minutes, plugged back in, and voila. Replaced coils, wires, TCI, and it turns out it may have been just that relay being funny. First time getting it running since I bought it a couple months back; and it runs so damn nice.