Kick start woes


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I was trying to kickstart my bike yesterday when the kickstart broke and sent my leg into the ground at full force. Once I got out of urgent care I realized how the kickstart broke. This may be a dumb question but am I putting too much force into kicking the bike over? I have an xs650 that takes quite a bit of force to kick over and I'm using the same to kick this bike. Part of me wants to just wire in the starter. I don't have any of the original gauges or anything so how hard would that be? can I get some suggestions for aftermarket controls?
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I feel like the clutch is adjusted correctly but I'm always up for new insights. Can you run me through how you would do it. I've got a hacked up bobber style xs400 so its not exactly stock.
On the left side of your engine, near where the chain comes in and out, there is a rubber cap. Pry it off and you will see a nut and a screw head. Loosen the nut and turn in the screw till you feel some resistance, then back it out a small bit and tighten up the nut. Lots of videos out there on how to do this, pretty similar to an xs650 if you wanna google that.
You can also adjust at where the cable goes into the handle. Easier to adjust but less adjustment range.