Just to be sure, whats under this cover?


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Koudekerke, NL
I got my XS400D '77 and I'm working on her looks.
Way to black atm.
Want to take this cover off and make it nice and clean again, but I was wondering whats behind. See the yellow line.

Should be iginition thingy with adjustment window I guess.
But it's dry behind there right? I mean, no oil?
Cause I see a gasket, and I don't wanna spil oil without being prepared.
Any comments?

And second: the cover right to it should be access to neutral light switch point, save to take off as well?
It's going to be on the dynojet next week, don't wanna rumble to much before she goes there.
That is the stator or generator cover. I dont think mine has a gasket. If you have the bike on the centerstand i believe you can take it off without oil dripping oil. Although the manual says to drain the oil before taking that cover off. you are correct about the other cover. Be careful there is a small bearing for the clutch in that other cover. You don't want to lose it. But you can take it off without issue otherwise. When you put it back toger be careful about wire placement as you dont want to pinch the wires that come out of the stator/generator area. Hope that helps .
You need to remove that cover for setting valves and it has you TDC mark. Also for setting timing as it has your left and right fire marks. Find a center stand to put on the bike just for working on it. Also checking oil when the bike is cold. Just remove the bolts when your done. My 80 has this setup. Just takes a few seconds and will be very helpful to maintaining your bike the right way.
It was mainly for the oil which might or might not come out. I figured out whats behind, but I need the cover of for sanding and polishing. I don't like it black, so I want it silver again. Just not in for surprises with oil and stuff. Got wondering because of the gasket I see sitting behind it.
I guess I might be wrong and mine might have a gasket then. I was just recalling from memory and maybe I just did not notice it. However when I took mine off it did not leak. I know the oil level is good and it was on the center stand. The manual says to drain the oil before taking the cover off but I risked it based on some other comments I read on the forum here.
It's just the end cap who has to come off. I'll try after monday, think I need new oil then anyway, just to be sure.