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Hey everyone, I'm Albert and just picked up my first xs400 about a week ago. Not my first motorcycle but hopefully the first project I'll actually see to completion (life always seems to get in the way). Its a 1981 xs400 special and I'm looking to build a cafe/brat bike of sorts, mostly with city riding in mind.

Currently have the motor running well. New chain, sprockets, tires, rear brake shoes, fuel and oil filter on the way. So I think for the most part general mataince is covered. With the exception of the front brake shoes. I cannot seem to find these things anywhere in stock. I've read some older threads and this seems like a relatively common problem. Is it worth the continued search or should I just start thinking front end swap? I have access to a gsxr for a couple hundred bucks and it seems to be a pretty straightforward swap.

Also I intend to fit a seat hoop for a brat style seat but it would be what I consider dangerously close to the rear wheel. It seems I can physically raise the rear to around 15" but I'm curious about how such a change will effect rideablity.

I'm sure there are a lot more questions but any experience/opinions would be great as well as general xs insight. Thanks and glad to be here.
Any joy with brake shoes, they are readily available in UK in Lockheed or Ferodo
Can’t quit see why you need to raise shock for rear hoop, most put a kink in the hoop, there’s loads of pictures on here. Why not post one of yours.