Igintion problem

Thanks but I checked that site out already.They don't have that specific type of plug end.It also has to be an exact match in order to fit on the relays.
WHAT?? This is not a hard thing to figure out:confused: On a 35 yr old bike you need to make it work, that's it. Radio shack, Napa, walmart, carquest and many more have wire connectors that will work. They don't need to be OEM:banghead: Stop doinking around and just get it done already:doh:


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Chris if you had a picture of what Im doing you know why I need this plug.I have a handful of relays that Im having to try so I can figure out which ones work.To sit there and have to remove and replace one wire at a time while testing is a pain in the but.You seem to think RS carrys everything in the world well in my city its not the case,they carry nothing but phones,scanners and some other stuff that's not even close to what I need.Ive got all the single wires with female blade ends on them already made up.
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rs ON-LINE or ebay:wink2: Why do you need to plug in the relay one wire at a time? Hook up the wires that go to it and if it works it works. I think your making more out of a problem than you need to. Do you have a neighbor or friend that could help maybe? With all the wiring diagrams (oem and custom) that have been posted I would think this should have taken a few days and posts by now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MAIN-WIRING...Parts_Accessories&hash=item5d4dfac344&vxp=mtr If all else fails.
Well lets see I have 6 relays I think 4 out of the 6 work.I had one of them hooked up yesterday along with starter solenoid wired up and when I push the estart button she was cranking over very slow even though the battery was fully charge.As for my friends most of them live down in the burbs of Detroit a hour away and my neighbors I don't have very many of them that know anything about motorcyles.While I was switch relays two of the wires connected to the plug broke.I`ll check RS on line but as far as ebay goes probably the only way im going to get one of these plugs is buy a complete harness which I don't have the cash to do right now.Im so broke I cant even pay attention seriosly:eek:Other than that theres very few jap bikes unless their crotch rockets and the other 80% are Harleys.All the bike stores cater to the Harley guys we don't have a Yamaha dealer with in an hour away.
crazy thought... Isn't there someone on the forum who lives close by who can help you out? I would if it didn't involve such a long swim to get to Port Huron :laugh:
I was realy kinda hoping that there would be someone in Se lower mi that could come by my place and help.Thing is Ive been so darn busy lately with other things that have be procrastinating about 2-3 years now that are finaly getting done.I haven't lost hope yet that the bike will be going and I`ll get a chance to ride it before winter:laugh:Im also in the process of eliminating the storage unit its in so I can have some extra funding that's taking a chunk of my income.
Hehe, I have been thinking about such a trip, but the stator housing got jacked, up, and i haven't been able to get my things working, now Like Scorpio, my transmission died in my car, not that I wanted to drive it. Figured if I made it out there with my bike, I would have the info to verify as well, but that is still a long 12 hour trip for me. Then the College/Military/Normal day to day Job sent me out for 2 weeks, after that now I am on my military 2 weeks. So obviously I haven't been able to commit yet.
Over on the sister site, XS650.com they have a thread titled Travel Assistance. On this thread you list your name, where you are, phone number , what facilities, tools and such you have.
If you had such a thread on here, you could look on it for someone close by you to contact and see if they could help.
Thanks Leo for the info I`ll check into it.This summer is going by so fast and theres not enough time for me to get everything done that Im working on.Dammit I miss riding though.I did get to ride a Kawasaki vtwin 800 the other day was the most awesome comfortable and easiest bike to ride in my life.If I ever get the $ Im not thinking small ever again.
I did that when I was trying to fight the electric gremlins. they still have the same components like our bikes. (petcock, carbs, stuff)
For the time being my priorities have changed from working the bike to fixing up my truck.Not that I haven't been still wanting to fix the problem it just I finaly have the momentum to get things done that have been put off for too long.im hoping next week Ill get the chance to focus on the xs.Oh I also did make an account on our sister site and looked the thread that Leo mentioned with no luck.I`ll have to try again and look harder.
Just got bad news from the DMV. There's an out standing title in So Dakota that has to be delt with for my bike. Still can get it titled in my name but it may involve an affidavit and another $50.00 or so. This bike had been passed on to several people with out transferring title as a project. Guess I'm the unlucky one who actually saw it as a challenge to get it to operable condition