I suppose I'll have to work on my welding


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My seat split along the rear seam.

Looking for a new seat proved fruitless. 78 straight bench seats are rare on ebay, and a trip to Sportwheel in Jordan was a bust. All the seat pans were rusted away to pretty much nothing. I don't want to convert to an 80/81 style seat, I like the bench look better.

I decided to recover it and my wife said she would sew the new cover. The pan is rusty, but I thought I could just strip and POR-15 it. Then I realized it had a crack. No big deal, I thought.

And then I took the seat off. First, I broke two mounting bolts. Then, I took off the skin and realized that it wasn't just the crack. The edge of the pan is rusted in several places with some chunks completely missing.

So, I set out to find a new pan.

I got one on eBay for $20. Looked good in the pictures. And then when I got it I saw it had a crack in the same place as mine, but the crack is epoxied over. At least the rest of it is in more decent shape than mine...
The pan on my enduro I had was rusted and cracked also in a couple of places.I stripped down to bare metal then a bunch of holes showed up.My fix was to cut a piece of sheet metal that would fit underneith the pan and rivet it on.On the top side I filled a few places with epoxy and sprayed it with bed liner.Looked realy good when I got finished.I didnt take any pics sorry but now I wish that I did.
I've still got the seat off mine. (went solo) The pan is in good shape and it has an almost new professionally done cover. The front seat area has been cut down a bit but still has plenty of padding. Not as big a step as the later models. Grainy vinyl cover so you don't slide around on it. Shall I post a picture?
Hey, I got real busy and OOPS forgot to post pictures. They are up now in the NO BS album. on my page. Take a look and let me know what you think. Any questions, ask away. If you get the seat I want you to be happy with it. It is off my 1978 xs400 so it should fit perfectly.