HOW TO: Make your own Knee Dent Tank

No I dont have the bike assembled yet...started my new job time is gonna be tight from now on.....thankfully actually!!
that and I went with the older square tank design for my bike...I just like the look better for what I was trying to accomplish.
I just did a de-rust/reseal on that black tank last week...I want to do some finishing touches to a few ripples in it..then I'll probably put it up for sale...better to see it get used than have it set on a shelf for the rest of its life.
Thanks for the compliments!!!!
ive got a honda goldwing tank im going to take a ballpeen to this week, if it turns out nice im going to do my tank like your fist version
just a little teaser to see what is possible

ive got a honda goldwing tank im going to take a ballpeen to this week, if it turns out nice im going to do my tank like your fist version

The early Gold Wing tanks were fake, covering the electrics, with the real fuel tank under the seat - were the later ones conventional ?
might be a nighthawk tank then? looks lust like the big ones on our bike except it has more curve on the bottom edge.

I got it with my bike, he told me it was 80's vintage honda
if i get a chance I will, its a decent looking tank but it dosnt sit over the 3 top tubes, plus the bottom edge is too swoopy for the straigt lins in the frame...IMO

just doing a google search it dosnt look like an 80's night hawk, it dosnt come down in the back and meet the bodywork like those do, ill have to post it up and let you guru's figure it does say honda on it so thats a start
no not really, im guessing its older because it dosnt fade into the side plate like that one does, killer work on that paint tho...
Hey Skillz (or anyone else who has tried this), do you think it's possible to make some knee dents without having to use bondo? Say, using a rubber hammer or something that doesn't dent the tank? I really dig your first knee-dent tank, but I also love the look of bare or brushed steel tanks. Trying for both here.
not really could potentially lead it...the real old school way..not sure how it really done..or if it would look the way you wanted.
the other option for something like that would be to cut and TIG weld in the appropriate dents which is basically what this process is trying to avoid..or provide a viable option for.
So I would say..if you want the bare metal look need someone who can build the panels and TIG weld them in...then dress up the welds with a grinder/sanding /polishing etc,..
you could just spend a TON of time hammering it and get it perfect.

turns out that honda tank is exactly the same as that tank you painted skillz
you could sit on the bike with both your knees either side on the tank and get your missus to push the bike over both ways.

will make perfect knee dents with no filler!
did some hammering :) , I used a small hammer with a 7/8 round plastic face, im going to try the other side with a big round plastic hammer to see if the dents will be less apparent.

like skillz said, i started from the inside and worked out, you need to focus on what profile you want, not just hammering it in untill its bowl shaped.

an interesting note was that this tank had multiple bends on it so sometimes it would want to crease instead of uniformly denting that case you really have to focus on how you hammer so that it actually expands/shrinks the metal where you want

btw this only took me 15 min, I didnt hold back on the hammering LOL, I assume lots more time would be needed to get a nice sharp transition edge like on Skills's tank but i kind of like the rounded look. also, if you make your dents uniform it could look cool in bare metal to give it that hammered, industrial look



Its just a few swings away boys and girls!!
Looks good!
maybe I'll have to redo my Sabre now!!LOL

I wonder if heating the metal with a rose bud torch and some hammer work would smooth it more....typically you can get the metal smooth with hammer and dolly work...but you cant get a dolly in the tank thats kinda out of the question.
Theres really not as much dough on the tank when its done asit looks like there is with the initial applications.
The crisp edge is simply a matter of how you sand the can go sharp edge or rounded either way you prefer.
But that looks very good for a first effort...nice job!
one of the other 'advantages' to doing a tank this way....if you have a rusty get rid of ALOT of the rust when you pound/flex the metal in the process!!

clean it out...and reseal...good to go.
If its a tank you want to use...make sure IF its rusty....check it for leaks around the seams etc,..and do the necessary repairs if possible before you do all the finish work and find it cant be fixed...or has a leak that you didnt know about and now its ruining your body/paint work.