HOW TO: Make your own Knee Dent Tank

very nice... reminds me of high school, and a shop teacher I had that would take a crumpled VW fender and with just a hammer and a steel backer... would bring it back to shape needing just the thinnest of skimcoat sealer before paint.

Skillz.... you are blessed with the touch. :)

Now off to destroy a tank or two... for I am not. :-/
Not for nothing..but the Skillzman name came from when I worked as an inventory clerk at a local warehouse.
I rode MX...painted cars...was an avid fisherman..pretty good cook...and thus they donned me the 'skillzman' last name is Gill...they called me 'the Gillz wid da Skillz'...and being that it was better than what I remember most people calling me...I let it stick!!LOL

And the touch comes from the years I spent apprenticing for free in my uncles custom shop........I was the sand monkey....he never fell for the Skillzman part...had to earn it.Taught me a lot...we used to urn out some pretty slick stuff from that old horse barn /body shop.....heres a pic of my first custom fabrication project...with help of course.

and the car I built at one of its several transformations.
That hood was the stock caprice hood with metall hood scoops cut out of a 1978 Firebird Formula hood.....had to cut the scoops out....shorten them to fit the caprice hood...weld them in place...and then cut the caprice hood and fab up some diverter flaps for the functional ram air...
damn. my friends dad has a 95 imp ss. stock in purple. pretty mean. but yours is just great. i like the lense switch on the head lights. the two tone and rake are sharp and i like the mesh bumper.
Thanks...i miss that,roller rockers,ported heads,long tube headers,4.10 gears.....lets just say it sounded nasty and could back it up....340 rwhp....high 12 low 13's 1/4 mile.....still got 18 mpg and carried the whole family...and what a freak driving thru town.
That is a pretty sweet ride skillzman! I sold my 91 mustang GT a couple years ago, and have regretted it ever since!! 306, aluminum heads, roller rockers, cold air intake, full exhaust, bigger mass air and throttle body, tremec trans, 4.10 gears, etc.....and 8 1/2" slicks when at the track!!! It was a beast,,,,DAMN I MISS THAT CAR!!!
shit i don´t have any drop shaped fuel tank to beat.....more than respect for that craftmanship...
No I dont have the bike assembled yet...started my new job time is gonna be tight from now on.....thankfully actually!!
that and I went with the older square tank design for my bike...I just like the look better for what I was trying to accomplish.
I just did a de-rust/reseal on that black tank last week...I want to do some finishing touches to a few ripples in it..then I'll probably put it up for sale...better to see it get used than have it set on a shelf for the rest of its life.
Thanks for the compliments!!!!