History of the Yamaha XS400

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That might be as far as my expertise extends.
How many digits is the VIN? 17?
Yeah. Looking more and more like it's a Canadian VIN.
The only few 82s with disk brakes.
Thanks. Its a heritage special all black with cast wheels and front disc. Only 5128kms. All original except tires and Handle bars.
Yeah. Looking more and more like it's a Canadian VIN.
The only few 82s with disk brakes.
I was reading a post from 2011about headlights. I was looking at the candle power light and noticed that you can get it in a 60/55w and they also have a light including the 45/45w bulb. Would this be good without changing factory tail light
Can anybody help me ID this bike? 1L9-000723? I keep finding conflicting answers everywh
1L9 will be an XS360C
E-start, disc front brake, drum rear brake.

Should have the engine displacement stamped on the front of the cylinders.
First year for them (76) and a low production number. Post some pics of the bike. Hopefully it's still original and not cut up.
The 14W vins appear to be a Canada-only version, manufactured after the 1981 SH models but before the 1982 SJs.
All the examples I've seen posted have the black styling of the 1982 XS400SJ but have the front disk brakes from the XS400SH.

Mine's in pieces. Hoping to get it running this summer so I can finally get it registered in my name. ICBC wants it running for the interprovincial transfer....
Mine's an 81, so would that make it an SH? Was originally black before the previous owner painted it.
Fuck ICBC, stupid monopoly...

xs400 green.jpg
Yeah, not much black left there. Looks like it has the '82 style black motor and carbs.
Both years had black bodywork available but the 82s also had black lower fork tubes, black headlight bucket, headlight mounts, black cylinders, black head, black valve cover, black crankcase, black carbs, and black fenders. All metal/chrome on the 81s.

The 14Ws seem to be a weird 81/82 half breed.
There's no info from Yamaha on the 14W VIN so it's mostly guesswork from my bike and the few other 14Ws that people have mentioned. All in Canada so far.
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