History of the Yamaha XS400

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The sohc xs400 used two over the years. A "square" type and the later tear drop.
I wish I could post pics but there's actually three. The square one had a long seat and cowl which no hump. Then the one I just realized was the third is similar to the tear drop one but drops off sooner and is more in line with the frame. This one has a long seat with a cowl but has a small hump. Then the third is the special edition which is tear drop with shorter seat no cowl and large hump. Google xs400 and you might see it
The "third one" was never sold in the u.s. and was most likely use only in a few European countries. That bike even has a different style shift lever setup.
Wow it does, doesn't it I would like one of those tanks :).
Hey did all the xs's have twin wall pipes ?
Yes. All had double wall head pipes. The early ones where a 2-2 exhausts with no crossover between them. Where the later ones had megaphone style mufflers and a crossover pipe linking them.
It also has a XS360 style points cover. Did some of the early models have it as well or just this one?
Hey chris I know you're pretty knowledgeable about these bikes but you said all xs were twin walled pipe what about the xs360? the 400 had a one piece header/baffle. which will leak if aftermarket pipes are clamped on, but the 360 had a two piece exhaust system which came with the baffles clamped on from factory, riddle me that ? haha were they just twin walled, but a tighter fit? the 400 has a good gap between the inner and outer
The 76-77 xs360 and the 77-79 xs400 used the same head pipes. They were also without the vent hole at the top and bottom of them. But there is a vent hole in the muffler just after where the pipe attaches. The 80-82 exhaust inner pipe ran into and was part of the muffler. The early ones where less tuned for over all performance and more a "muffler" to quiet them down. I run both and I prefer the 80-82 style. The 76-77 xs360 and the 77 xs400 did use a different muffler than the later 2-2 style. They look to have a larger outlet hole at the end of them. Maybe a 1.25" hole compared to the 1" on the other models. I don't have a set of them so I can't be sure.


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That's the number of your bike. I believe they're in numerical order so you may have the 595th one of those bikes made.
I think the numbers start at 123, so his would be 472 made for the U.S. market of that model.
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Hello everyone, so I read these whole conversation and I didnt see anything that matches my bike. My bike title says is a 82 yamaha thats it and the vin 8th digit is "0" and It would be owesome if some had an answer for me cause is driving me crazy...(I need to find the correct wiring harness)
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